That feeling when you want to JUMP off the edge - Tara Hammett

That feeling when you want to JUMP off the edge

OMG what a feeling being
launched from the edge of a cliff in a
Welsh slate quarry and flying
at 100mph!
That’s EXACTLY what I did yesterday
at ZipWorld and if you fancy
having a day out
with a bit of an EXCITING challenge
I certainly recommend it.
That’s what I did yesterday with
a friend (Peter), and we went up
as part of a little business
Mastermind we’ve got to help us
stay accountable to our goals.
This was such a learning day for me
and I got some valuable lessons for you too.
Yes – I had every intention of doing it
and telling you that you’ve
‘Got to step outside of your comfort zone’
‘That’s where the magic happens’
I actually came home with a different lesson.
BEFORE I went I decided I didn’t want to
know too much about it.
YES – I knew I’d be attached to a wire and
YES – I knew I’d be flying through the sky.
I was 100% ADAMANT that I was going to
do it and in my mind I was a little concerned
that if I knew too much I’d get overwhelmed and
I’d worry.
People were asking me if i’d do a bun-jee jump
Jump out of a plane
so a little bit I was putting this up there
So I decided I would put my TRUST in
the safety and professionalism of the staff
I would turn up
Do what I’m told
and do it anyway.
There was no point winding myself up about
some ‘make belief’ thoughts about it.
and I’m so happy I did that as it
wasn’t that scary at all.
it was AMAZING!!
Over a lake, like actual FLYING
(I couldn’t hear a thing though – ha)
and the end result was exactly what I wanted.
An incredible experience, that I may not have done if
I allowed myself to get overwhelmed.
And this is where my lesson for you is.
You WANT the end result
of feeling happier.
You WANT the end result
of being CONFIDENT
You WANT the end result of
looking in the mirror in a lovely outfit
and LOVING what you see.
But right now you may be feeling
OVERWHELMED about what you’ve got to do to get there.
Maybe you’re thinking:
“I’ve got to go on a diet that I’m gonna HATE,
And I’m gonna be STARVING and I won’t be
able to go out for FOOD”
Maybe you’re thinking:
“And I’ve got to do LOADS of exercise,
which I HATE because I’m RUBBISH at it and
I haven’t got TIME anyway”
Then you’re thinking:
“I’ll probably FAIL at this attempt too,
like I always do
and then everyone
will say I TOLD YOU”
And I know so many think this because
I’ve spoken to people HUNDREDS of times about it.
and my recommendation to you is.
Think of your result.
What do you want and why?
Ive got EVERYTHING you need in
my 21 DAY programme and right now
you may be thinking you’re not sure
you’ll do it.
You’re not sure you’ll like it
You’re not sure you’ll follow it through.
You absolutely LOVE it
It becomes one of the BEST choices
you make for your future
You ACHIEVE what you want
and it becomes one of the best EXPERIENCES
that you want to tell all your
friends and family about.
There’s only one way to know.
Join the program now, like
so many others have in the past
who have loved it and are now
Today I feel so happy that I did the
I can’t stop thinking about it, and I know I’m going to talk
about it all day.
I want you to feel like this from
the TARAnsformation lifestyle experience
We’ll be getting prepped from
Don’t put it off anymore.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I recorded videos yesterday too.
I’ll send you the link so you can
see more of what it’s about later
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  • September 24, 2015