Tara + BBC TV = - Tara Hammett

Tara + BBC TV =

Why Aye Pet

Today’s email comes to you

all the way from Newcastle.

Well…It’s a lot more

further north where I’m sending it

from than normal.

I’m still buzzing after

a fab day yesterday

visiting the cast and producers

at two different locations

with the BBC.

I started the day meeting

friends I’ve worked with

for a children’s TV show and it

was amazing to see them at


Then I was taken on location

to watch one of my clients / friends

filming scenes.

She’s the lead in an exciting

and energetic show and

that’s where the

producers summoned my help.

I was given my mission.

She needed to be stronger

fitter and leaner and

the BBC heard a whisper

that I was the girl for the job.


Well…the result.

At one point yesterday

she had 10 safety pins holding her trousers up.





A MAJOR side effect of

taking my advice and following my

tips is your trousers may fall down!

Yep….she has lost

over 2 STONE with me and

she looks INCREDIBLE

Not only does she look gorgeous

but her CONFIDENCE has

increased and whenever you talk

to her about how her lifestyle is now, her

smile is gigantic.

This result is exactly why the

producers were keen to meet up.

So the BBC up this end is getting

TARAnsformed 😉

Watch this space…….

Whilst chatting yesterday

naturally I was asked many questions

about how I do it and

get such brilliant results.

I kept my message simple

and one of the things I

said which so many loved


(Just F***king Do It)

We all know what we should do

but how mindful are we being with

our choices?

Also, don’t make it complicated.

This morning…I’m already

going to be checking up on some

to see if they’ve done their homework today.

Their homework?

12 minutes with me from my DVD

I brought a few copies up with

me as I knew they’d be wanting the same results

as they’ve seen with Leona.

And I’m sure you would want to same too.

Leona doesn’t live by me,

even though we did meet regularly and

I travelled to her to do sessions

and sprints in the park

most of the support and advice

was online.

I saw her meal photos so I knew

that she was staying healthy with

lower carb, higher protein meals that would

help her stay full and FAT BURNING

I saw her post workout selfie’s so

I knew that she was doing her 12 minutes

to help tone her WHOLE BODY and lose weight fast

We did Skype calls so she could ask me questions like:

HOW to stay on track when she was eating out

with her family.

WHAT supplements should she take to make sure

she stays healthy and keeps her energy back.

When she was having a tough time and

stressed out she would message me for

some tips on how to stay POSITIVE

when all she really wanted to do was

grab some chocolate

to make herself feel better

Some of the time I told

her to have the chocolate.

To go to the restaurant and

order what she wanted

To have a few drinks with her friends and

let her hair down

Music to your ears hey…

But what did she do the majority of

the time……

She made the good decisions.

Balanced it.

That’s what a healthy lifestyle should be.

And the results speak for themselves.

Whilst Leona is living up here now

and busy filming, she’ll be finding it

a lot easier to stay on track as she has learned so much

over the months we’ve been working together

and the same could be for you.

Start with the first EASY step.


Get my DVD and add just 12 minutes

into your day from Monday to Friday.


just like some of the guys I

advised yesterday.

Then…once you fall in love

with the simplicity of adding this to

your routine….send me an

email and ask what to do next.

I’ll send you the EXACT

tips that the BBC guys will be doing with me.

Let’s get you doing the same too

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S go out and buy 10 safety pins too…or your trousers may fall down 😉


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  • September 29, 2015