Struggle to stay on track? - Tara Hammett

Struggle to stay on track?

So what you going to do about it?

Are you really going to continue trying diet after diet after diet?

Getting some weight loss, losing momentum, then piling it all back on?


For just one moment, have a think about all the diets you’ve tried, then work out how much money you’ve pent trying them….after all that how do you feel?

Imagine going back in time 12 months and you could do everything over again.

When it comes to your body and your health goals would you do things different?

Apart from learn from the past, there’s a not a lot else you can do about it.

Everything is in your control going forward.

It’s down t you if you decide you want to change or you’ll continue to
wish for it.

Watch this video…..did YOU send me this questions?
(Or maybe you didn’t, but you could have)

Then decide if you’re going to join the 12 day programme which open Friday and see if you can lose up to 13lbs like Emma did last month.

21 Day Taransfomer

Tara xx

P.S Emma has joined the 21 day programme again….she’s smart.
She know consistency is key ūüėČ

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  • September 14, 2016