This Is Why You Struggle To Eat Healthy - Tara Hammett

This Is Why You Struggle To Eat Healthy


Knowing what to eat and actually eating it is the biggest problem for so many wanting to get healthier and lose weight.

Even when many do prep food and take it to work, or have it ready in the fridge ready for getting home, when temptation is there...people get tempted!

Go for a coffee...see that cake and Oops

Take lunch to work...but have a look in the canteen anyway and Oops

Eat a healthy meal, but get the sugar cravings and the choccy comes out.

Then there's the sneaky wine, a pick at childrens left overs and the good old 'I'll start again Monday' reason for not staying on track.

It's so easy to cave and give in to food that tastes 100 times better than what you've prepared
(especially if its another salad), but healthy food can be just as delicious as the temptation food and something to look forward to eating.

In the kitchen today I've brought some indian infusion

Chickpea and Onion Bhaji - perfect for a vegetarian idea
Chicken Shashlik - so much flavour, it's amazing as an alternative to a curry.

These meals were so so easy to make,
I hardly made any mess (I am THE MESSIEST COOK!!!)
You can make too much so you have left overs and
It tastes amaze and just the type of food you need to be eating if you want to lose weight and be healthier.

When you eat food like this (and all my other recipes),
all you have to worry about it enjoying them.

You can have good portions so you're full,
They are the type of food to look forward to for dinner or even on the weekend instead of a take away and everyone in the house will love them (...assuming they like indian food - but theres plenty of choice with all my other recipes too)

Over the next few days and into next week I'm going to be talking with a few of the girls that have applied for the Life Taransformer programme with me and from looking at the applications there are so many common themes.

One thing that most girls say is they do so well, but the cravings kick in and they end up picking the wrong stuff.

Having your fave things MUST be part of your healthy eating plan.

These are the things that will help keep you on track inbetween making good choices.

I'll be talking all about the best way to eat and exactly what you should do with your meal plans in my Seminar on February 7th.

If you haven't secured your spot yet, CLICK HERE to register

In the mean time here's some tips:

  • Write a plan for a few days with food you look forward to eating - scrap the little salad and get some comfort food in there
  • Accept that it's ok to have the odd treat, its all about a healthy balance. If you tell yourself you're NOT having something - you'll obsess over it.
  • Try something new. If you've seen a recipe that looks amazing and you really fancy it....make it. You may have to pick up some ingredients out of your ordinary shop, but it may be something you'd love having regularly to help you stay on track.
  • Use your slowcooker. I can't emphasise how fab these are. Throw everything in, keep it on low and let it do it's work. Food can be so full of flavour with a few herbs & spices left in. I'm not one for making my own stock or marinading stuff (too much time!), but I'm definitely a fan of throwing things together and Ta-Dah......yum yum!
  • GET SUPPORT!!! Have you heard me say this before? Talk, Talk & Talk to someone about making changes with your nutrition. Ask questions, ask for help and get regular advice. It's not easy and having someone to encourage you will make it so much easier.

Now get some gorgeous food into your week - you deserve it!

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  • January 23, 2018