STOP exercising so much! - Tara Hammett

STOP exercising so much!



Here I’m going to share with you some of my top tips to help you FINALLY lose weight and keep it off.

And none of those weekly weigh-in meetings, where you starve yourself all day, wear the same outfit to weigh then call into the chippy and grab a bottle and a share bag on the way home.

….Yes, you’ve probably been there.

Here are few of my PROVEN tips to help you finally change your body and life

Step #1 “STOP exercising so much!”

You hate it and there’s no need to spend endless hours doing boring gym workouts. Yes they’ll help you get fitter -IF you stick to it, but who’s got 1.5 hours every day to bore themselves senseless on the treadmill?

All it does is increases your appetite, makes you more tired and puts you off.

The BEST EXERCISE to do is shorter, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is proven to burn fat all over, tone you up all over, speed up your metabolism so you burn even more calories even when you’re sitting down AND it doesn’t take long.

Try a TARAnsformer-style workout for only 12-minutes per day at home. My clients LOVE them because they see rapid changes in their body – AND save lots of time and money!

Step #2 “Quit Diets Forever!”

Sound too good to be true?

Diets are NO GOOD for you. They are a short term plan, and a short term plan SCREAMS short term results and in the end…..FAILURE.

Did you know 97% of diets fail and you’ll end up putting all the weight back on – plus more?

All a diet does is create restriction, which then means you obsess over what you can’t have until you cave, binge and start again.

Escape the dieting mindset and EAT MORE.

How about losing weight and STILL having your fave meals and your fave treats?

You can do this with my recipes, which I’ve transformed so you can still enjoy awesome food and feel full.

All I’ve done is create some of the most popular meals that my clients love, changed a few ingredients so they become healthier, easier to make, lower carb, fat burning meals. <<< They’re also cheaper.

You can start STRAIGHT AWAY with my ‘EAT MORE’ rule. Check out the hundreds of recipes in my eBooks or on my Facebook page and start to eat amazing meals guilt free.

Check out Emma here

…we named her the Pancake Princess, she fell in LOVE with our healthy, low carb pancake recipe, ate them almost every day for breakfast along with all the other recipes to choose from for lunch and dinner and LOST 4 STONE following my 5 simple steps.


Step #3 Chill, Relax and Forget it all.

Too much exercise, hitting it hard, restricting on food and obsessing about losing weight is NO GOOD FOR YOU. All this does is – Stress.You.Out and affect your sleep.

Know what this means?

You get stuck, can’t lose weight and hold onto fat around your waist.

I know it may sound weird….there are no calories in stress or sleep.


When you are stressed out and lacking sleep, your hormones are out of sync and that means you don’t burn fat.

So how about a bit of indulgence GUILT FREE?


being a bit naughty and indulgent is just what you need.

Whatever you fancy- a regular chill with a trashy mag, gossip with your friends, pamper yourself with a spa day or lock the family away whilst you have a bubble bath and have an early night. All in the name of fat burning.

This is one of my rules to helping you speed up weight loss. It re-sets your hormones so you’re not stuck in a battle and become a little fat-burning machine.

Time to book in a de-stress and sleep more plan. Just say Tara said 😉

So….That’s just 3 of my top tips for you there. They don’t sound too bad, do they?!

If you’d like to learn my 5-step method in more depth, and hear from REAL people like you who’ve made a great transformation…. join us for my FREE seminar in Cardiff.

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The time is NOW to get motivated.

Tara xx






  • August 27, 2016