STOP Blaming & Complaining! - Tara Hammett

STOP Blaming & Complaining!


You don’t need to see the rest of Emma to KNOW she’s made a dramatic difference.

Look at that gorgeous face!

I’ve heard all of these:

* I haven’t got enough time

* Unrealistic to make such changes with a full time job

* I can’t spend that money on myself when I have a family

Tell that to Emma.

She’s lost 61lbs and is continuing with her mission to change and loving it.

She’s an incredible Mum to her 5 children and Wife to her Hubby

She’s got a full time job

She’s just finished studying a 5 year history degree

The difference between Emma and many others…..EXCUSES.

When you change the way you think

you will change the way you live.

Many moons ago Emma joined the programme and achieved brilliant body and healthy change.

Then she had a go on her own, bad habits crept in, pounds crept up and she realised she needed to 

take ownership of her health again.

And the best way to do it? 

With support and guidance.

So…to change her body and confidence she KNEW she needed to

change her habits and the way she thought.

There’s nothing more powerful than a changed mind 

(and a woman on a mission)

If you’ve got a goal you want to reach, 

you need to change your behaviours,

you need to overcoming negative habits

you need to accept that doing this will be hard, often challenging,

but it soon becomes easier when you have help.

The only thing thats going to make YOU happy is to step up

raise the standard, 

overcome whats holding you back

and push yourself to go on.

Look at someone who’s successful (like Emma and all the other girls I’ve shared with you)

these people are rewarded in public for what they practice in private.

Sometimes it may make you anxious to change,

a bit nervous or afraid. 

You don’t get the courage to do it,

you lose your nerve and give up on your dream.

Never give up or put it off.

How much time do you have left to change?

We don’t know….but you must STOP wasting valuable time NOW

There’s greatness in you, 

you deserve it,

don’t let anything change it.

You may give up easily

but you are unstoppable

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live your life with passion

with drive.

So many people go through life with breaks on,

holding themselves back.

Don’t be one of those people.

Take ownership of your life, 

Stop blaming

Stop complaining

Start doing

21 Day ‘No More Blaming or Complaining” Programme

The final programme this year is open now and ready for you to join in.

No more time wasting,

Let’s do this!!!

Tara xxx

P.S Ooohhh I freaking love a bit of motivation.


  • November 12, 2016