Something exciting coming your way - Tara Hammett

Something exciting coming your way

This is the first time I've done this and I'm so excited

I'm bringing Yoga to my membership site.

I always encourage taking a balanced approach to your lifestyle.

Balance with your workouts
Balance with your nutrition
Balance with your relationships
Balance with your work life
Balance with your mindset

Alongside the 12 min HIIT workouts which are ESSENTIAL for

Burning Fat
Boosting Fitness
Helping you feel awesome and super proud of yourself for working out

I want to compliment these sessions with the more relaxing, holistic approach to your lifestyle.

I've joined forces with the gorgeous Emma who runs Yoga steps in Swansea
(and is opening the Swansea Wellbeing Centre with a team of instructors which opens on 2nd May).

So if you're in the Inner Circle or 6 Week Body Plan - get excited to have a new approach to your weight loss & fitness with our 20 min Home Yoga workout videos to help you

Increase flexibility
Ease pain
Relax and boost your physical & mental well being.

If you're not already in the plan with me you can join RIGHT NOW for only £27

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Tara Hammett