So Annoying - Tara Hammett

So Annoying

You know the feeling
Wake up and say to yourself
“Today, I’m back on it.
No junk today”
Next thing,
you open the cupboard and you’re eating
something you said you wouldn’t.
I did that yesterday.
I annoyed myself because
I caved to come dirty granola
(As I call it)
Yes, on the grand scheme it could have been a
lot worse, but I feel so BLEURGH
from the past week that I can’t
deal with feeling like this any longer.
I threw whatever was left in the bin this morning.
It’s better in the bin than in my body
So today I’m 100% back on it.
I had a 27 min workout first thing,
healthy breakfast and
today I’m going to be getting plenty of
action anyway as I’m filming
LOADS of new workouts for my online programmes.
You signed up for your New Year plan yet?
Don’t forget you can make
MASSIVE savings with my Christmas SALE
The workouts are going to
be for my Inner Circle where I can help you
every day for only £27
Get my FREEBIES in my Christmas bundles.
Chelly is already on it with her DVD as you
can see in the photo and I’d love to see you
so a selfie with my DVD if you’ve got it already?
So we’ve got 3 days until
NYE….Lets smash it in the meantime before
more goodies come to tempt us!
Tara xx
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  • December 29, 2015