She weighs the same as in January :-( - Tara Hammett

She weighs the same as in January :-(

This is one of the messages I received over the
weekend in response to
my FINAL intake for the
I have 2 calls to make today.
Do NOT miss out if
you want to join in for my last one.
^^ your form^^
Anyway…this awesome lady
got on the phone with me yesterday.
We had a good chat and she’s make the
IMPORTANT decision to join in.
She’s ready
We agreed that the programme was
EXACTLY what she wanted and NEEDED right now.
Like the others that have qualified to
join me for 12 weeks of epic change.
At the beginning of the year,
this TARAnsformer decided she was
going to do it herself.
Workout regularly
But the accountability wasn’t there.
The support wasn’t there
The lessons following every pitfall
and the result…
In the same place as the beginning of the year.
But that will now change…
but what about you?
Ok…you can set yourself up good for the week now.
You may think that getting
the body and lifestyle of your dreams is
“The only impossible journey
is the one you never begin”     Tony Robbins
^^^ Tony Robbins changed my life BTW ^^^
Maybe you’ve struggled to
REALLY start your journey.
How about making a proper plan?
It’s Monday.
You can start any day, but I get the mindset thinking of
the beginning of the week.
So make yourself accountable to some small tasks.
1) 1 small thing a day for your nutrition
i.e green smoothie each day / 2 litre water each day / no chocolate
2) 1 small thing for exercise
i.e walk for 10 extra mins /12 minute workout / take the stairs in work
3) 1 small thing for mindset
i.e 10 mins reading /  early nights / post you fave inspirational quote on facebook
4) 1 small thing for balance
i.e tell someone you LOVE how much you appreciate them EVERY DAY
Just DO IT!
just those EASY and SMALL things
WILL make a difference!
and repeat it weekly!
But will you do it??
We all do better with a bit of
pressure and deadlines.
Make the start today –
no point delaying feeling awesome!
So my day…
* Live TARAnsformer Class
* Do a Sports Massage
* PT with Emma Heaven
^^ got something AMAZING to show you
from Emma soon ^^
* creative meeting with Lou in
the TARAnsformer meeting…NEW recipes!!
* Film new workouts for SECOND DVD
* Call Life TARAnsformer applicants
* Online meeting with my Mentor.
I’ll squeeze in a workout / green smoothie / morning reading /
daily appreciation message to someone I love!!
Have an AWESOME day !
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S like I said – 3 spaces left for my Life TARAnsformer Program
(Although chances are you may have missed the boat)
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