Did you see my Christmas Tree? - Tara Hammett

Did you see my Christmas Tree?

There is a reason I have my tree up RIDICULOUSLY EARLY

It's all for YOU

Yep....The tree is up
I was up the attic with the spiders
I stabbed my finger on something
(You never realise how much you use apart of your body until it has the tiniest cut on it!)
The decorations are all on and
It's staying up for the next 3 days

Then coming down!!!!!!

I almost didn't do it, but I thought If I'm going to do a Christmas programme, I've got to make sure it's done properly and I keep it nice and festive and fabulous.

In fact it would have been so easy to THINK about how nice the workout videos would have been with the tree and NOT do it because I couldn't be bothered to spend hours doing it all, but it will be WORTH IT!

So I'm in the middle of filming all the workouts, the motivation videos,
getting your easy to make recipes finished all in the name of helping you lose weight and get fitter for Christmas.

If you want something you have to take ACTION:

"Action is commonplace, right action is not. As a discipline, it's not any kind of action that will do, but directed action. Everything must be done in the service of the whole. Step by step, action by action we'll dismantle the obstacles in front of us. With persistence and flexibility, we'll act in the best interest of our goals. Our movements and our decisions define us! We must be sure to act with deliberation, boldness and persistence. Those are the attributes of right and effective action. Nothing else - not thinking, or evasion or aid from others. Action is the solution and the cure to our predicament"

^^ Loved this from the book I'm reading at the moment^^

No Thinking
No avoiding

Take action on what you KNOW you should do to get to your goal.

One day at a time,
Keep it simple
Keep it consistent
Be flexible

What action will you take today to get towards your goal?

Sunday is a planning & prepping day ready for a new week and with 9 weeks until Christmas, what are you going to do NOW to make sure you make a difference before the end of the year?

You know I like to reward action takers and right now I have a discount on my 6 week party body programme

Click Here For 6 Week Programme Discount

If you've got any questions about the programme, let me know.

It's going to be super exciting and I'd love you to join in!

  • October 22, 2017