She said: Why Don't You Live A Little?! - Tara Hammett

She said: Why Don’t You Live A Little?!

Life’s too short
That’s what was said to one of the Taransformers when
she was asked how she’d lost so much weight.
When she explained she’d stopped being a weight watcher
(Nothing worse than obsessing on the scales and only focusing on your weight),
plus every other diet she’d tried she realised she needed to change.
Instead or restricting herself with extreme low-calorie diets
(Remember diet is temporary, lifestyle is permanent), she started eating
better, doing 12 mins of HIIT exercise at home and started seeing the results.
Now she’s in better shape than ever and feeling happier than ever.
So why would anyone that wants to lose weight ever think “life’s too short” to make changes to the way you eat & move if it means you get what you want?
Life IS too short, and that’s exactly why you should have a life that’s FULL of happiness, adventures, fun, energy and laughter.
Life is way too short to spend it looking in the mirror each day hating what you see
Life is way to short to think ‘I’m just not myself’
Life is was too short to know that you will stay the same or get worse if you don’t make changes
Life is way too short to avoid doing things because you feel embarrassed
If you’ve every held yourself back, wished you were different, wanted to make changes but found it hard on your own, now it the time to admit that YOU are the only one that can do it.
Only already have the tools and some of the knowledge to make your life happier and more fulfilled, they’re just buried underneath bad habits which you can easily change.
The success stories you see are people who are ready to make changes and prepared to do some things differently.
They put themselves first and make their health a priority (and don’t take themselves too seriously)
You need to be HONEST with yourself and make a commitment to yourself.
You are in control of your life and you need to start controlling it better.
Ready to be honest, make a commitment and take control?
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A difference of up to 11.5lbs, 9.5 inches and feeling like something has clicked and really worked…..just like Michelle did last month.
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  • May 27, 2017