ROYAL word of warning!!! - Tara Hammett

ROYAL word of warning!!!

I can be a top idiot and need
some help sometimes you know.
Here’s my mini story
So…. yesterday I was honoured to be invited
to meet HRH Countess Of Wessex
(Huge THANK YOU to Helen Bowden and
everyone at The Wave Radio Station and
my Awesome Friend Peter Middleton
from Gold Reserves)
But before I had a FIRM word
with myself to pay attention and
concentrate, I originally thought
I was going to do a
Zip Wire over some
canyon somewhere.
Easily confused as both these events were on a
Wednesday with the same people.
But before the penny dropped
about the Zip Wire
I thought I was
going to be sitting in the audience of
The One Show.
(That’s because I skimmed
the info – quickly saw the
One Show logo on the website
and made it up myself)
But Noooo….
what I was really
doing yesterday
was a lot less scary than
a Zip Wire
I’m not sure it was.
I was feeling the royal pressure
after being told what to do and what nOT to do.
You get this brief of saying
Your Royal highness….
then Ma’am…..
Then only shake hands if you’re offered….
Then the girls Curtsy….
OMG – the pressure
and what did I do….
“Nice to meet you……
I’m into Fitness”
*No curtsy*
But before all that I
had a wardrobe malfunction.
The heel fell off my shoe
OMG – We have to go to
River Island NOW!!!!
So I kinda
held up the briefing
Never a dull moment…
A few things really.
First, I totally understand how
confusing it can get
when a lot of info is thrown at
you at the same time.
Especially when it comes to nutrition.
Loads of tips on WHAT to eat
what NOT to eat
WHEN to eat
when NOT to eat
What’s BEST for De-Bloating?
What’s WORST for losing weight?
Well…I answer all of that HERE
in my 7 Day Detox Week.
And another thing…
Your plans may not go to plan.
You can always be organised,
on time
(Like me in my heels)
Something comes along,
You want to cave.
Maybe you do cave.
You need a little bit of HELP
A small bit of SUPPORT to help you
Like Peter with me who whizzed
me to River Island
*Laughing his head off BTW*
And again…
That’s exactly what I can do for you.
Offer you support when something
you didn’t expect crops up.
I have a whole team of
people just like YOU
who will help you through
the ‘ARGH’ moments
me of course.
HRH TARAnsformer.
And if you want…
If you’re ready…
kicking off again on Monday and
you can get ready with me
NOW and secure your spot.
Here’s the link to take action
on what I KNOW you’ve been thinking
about doing for yourself.
This time, do it!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I always love having conversations like
‘Tar…please help…I do eat healthy’
then the wife drops in a
‘You had 2 cheesecakes last night’
BUSTED….tell you about that tomorrow.
For now though you may be all storied out, so i’ll leave you with
the detox programme link again xx
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  • September 17, 2015