Reckon my diet would BORE YOU? - Tara Hammett

Reckon my diet would BORE YOU?

^^^^ Diet Food ^^^
Over the years of helping people
with their diet I KNOW that one of the
HARDEST things is the nutrition.
Not knowing what to eat.
It is SOOOOOOO confusing.
One day you pick up the paper
and you’re told ‘Carbs are BAD’
The next day, you watch the
news and they may safe your life.
A week later and they’ve changed their minds again.
One thing that you 100%
MUST understand is this.
If you can’t do it for 365 days a year,
don’t do it.
When I was chatting on the phone
recently to new TARAnsformers,
every SINGLE one said they’ve tried
EVERYTHING to lose weight.
Diet clubs
Wearing corsets
Drinking their body weight in green tea
Everything…..APART from
continued healthy eating.
YES – it’s hard to change
and YES, I understand those feelings
of ‘I could NEVER give up XXX’
However, you’d be surprised how much you
can CHANGE your food habits and
how easy it can become.
Years ago some foods were on my radar.
I’d call in to fast food places.
I’d go straight to the meal deal section
in a supermarket and pick sandwiches.
I’d have cereal for breakfast.
BUT after trying new things for a while,
some slight changes in what you put in your shopping trolley,
soon – you RARELY think about them.
Eating healthy becomes something you do naturally.
Wouldn’t it be AMAZING for it to be something
you don’t feel like you’re battling ALL THE TIME?
Well…THAT is exactly why I keep trying to
think of new recipes of INCREDIBLE looking
and TASTING food that IS good for you!!
And the latest creation….
This is one of the recipes that I’ll
be encouraging the TARAnsformers to
make and enjoy with the WHOLE family
when it’s added to the inner circle.
If you join NOW…You’ll also
get in just in time for the
Cheesy Vegetable Crumble
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake 
Quinoa Loaf
Take that first small step towards massive change.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Emily has just finished the 21 day program with AMAZING
results…she’s joined the inner circle as she’s feeling so amazing and does’t want to stop now.
I’ll show you her fantastic feedback tomozza x
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  • August 25, 2015