Recipe: I want to BEET YOU UP! - Tara Hammett

Recipe: I want to BEET YOU UP!



OMG – It’s been a few days since I emailed last!


I’ve still got a bit of Kryptonite in the chest (it’s  not getting me down) and as part of my detox program, I’ve been making sure I follow my rules with my morning activity!


Plus…I’ve somehow been a little busier – didn’t think that was poss…but all worth it.


So just a little hint at one thing I’ve been up to..I had a meeting at the BBC studio’s…that’s all I’m saying for now 😉 don’t tell anyone!


Today is officially the first day of the 7 Day TARAnsform & Detox week.


Those toxins better be trembling, cos they’re having it!


1 Whole week of cleansing, a little bit of cold turkey

and then feeling epic!


I’ve TARAnsformed smoothies, soups, salads, spritzers, snacks and meals…(anyone got a new name for meals beginning with S..kinda spoils the good run of S words there! Ha!)


And right now I’m going to share

a scrummo smoothie recipe from the program.


Beetroot is quite frankly amaze..I love it!

Apart form turning my fingers pink, it is

A bit of a toxin fighting super hero!


Beets contain a group of powerful antioxidants called

betalains that support detoxification of the liver,

help reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammation.


The liver has the very important role of removing

toxins from the body, so it’s

essential that you detox your liver from time to time.


When your liver is healthy,

it is better able to detoxify chemicals and

toxins which will help you balance

hormones and energy levels.


So, now we know why we love

Beetroot so much, here’s an awesome

Way of getting it into your day!


beetroot blueberry


1 Raw Beetroot

1 Cup Blueberries

2 handfuls raw spinach leaves

1 teaspoon coconut oil

2/3 cups water


Blitz and Enjoy…Couldn’t be more simple!!


Keep Fit, Fab & Toxin fighting!


Tara xx

  • April 8, 2014