Recipe: Brunch With No Bread

Recipe: Brunch With No Bread

Over on my Facebook page there have been some comments on my latest brunch idea, so I thought I'd share some Foodie Friday inspo and let you know how it's done.

It's so easy, it's not even a recipe.

More of assembly however, I know poached eggs can be a bit of a pest for people.

But before that....and before I go all
"Have a fab weekend, try and be mindful and don't go too crazy"
..You already know that right?

It still doesn't stop people though.

Something weekendy comes up and the horns come out - the indulgence horns!

Ah, why not/screw it/ you only live once!


Very often the 'Screw it' people are the ones complaining they can't lose weight and feel better.


Does that sound stupid or is it just me?

It's all well and good being 'GOOD' Monday to Friday afternoon,
but if you keep following the same eating routine all you'll ever get is the SAME RESULTS!

I'm not saying you've got to cancel your exciting life.

How much happier would you be if you could do all the things you love whilst loving yourself more?

So on that note, practice some mindfulness this weekend.
Make slighty different choices.
Choose wisely
Ask yourself...What Do You Want More?

And if you're making brunch, try this wonderful recipe which is a lovely meal.


  • Packet of Butternut Squash Waffles ( Got mine in Asda - you can get other alternative in other supermarkets)
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 10/12 Sliced Button Mushrooms

Place 4 of the waffles into boiling water. Add the mushrooms to a hot pan and mash the avocado.
The waffles and mushrooms will take approx 10 mins, so boil the kettle and add the poached eggs into the hot pan approx 2 mins before they're ready. Once the waffles are ready top two with the mashed avo and the other two with the cooked mushrooms. Top your stacks with a poached egg. This recipe makes two meals so split it accordingly.

Have a fab fab weekend!

  • March 9, 2018