Podcast: The struggles and the celebrations - Tara Hammett

Podcast: The struggles and the celebrations


This weeks latest show is out.

Each week Badger and I catch up, answer lots of questions on how to lose weight,
get healthier, feel more confident and motivated to do what everyone knows they should do.

This week we invited a guest

It's so wonderful listening to the stories of real people.

Sarah has has a tough few years

She fought cancer,
Lost her Brother,
Her Uncle,
Her Aunty,
Cares for her Mum and
Didnt think she could handle returning to work.

But now she's feeling better than ever

Listen to her story here:

Click here for Sarah's story

I'm loving sharing the girls success stories, and now I'm getting ready to create more fantastic transformations.

If you feel you're at a cross road
Stuck in a rut
Getting nowhere fast or even doing nothing but know you should

The plan opens on Monday and we'll be working together right up to 30th July

What would you love to achieve by then?

Apply here now and lets chat about the plan and your goals

Ps ...Keep reading these emails....tomorrow I'm sharing Kathy's amazing transformation story.

If you still need inspiring or that something to make you get up and do something, wait til you see her photos!

  • May 4, 2018