The ONE THING missing when trying to lose weight - Tara Hammett

The ONE THING missing when trying to lose weight

I’ve been having some lightbulbs moments with many I’ve been chatting to over the past few days.

Whenever I ask what people need help with most, 

I get a similar response each time


The girls I’ve been chatting with can’t understand how they can be SO GOOD at some stuff:

* Brilliant careers

* Devoted Mums

* Busy with housework

* So so much for others

Yet….they just cannot sort out their weight and health.

Why can they succeed in so many areas in their life, but continue to let themselves down with losing weight, losing the spare tyre and getting fitter??



When you were in school, you’d take direction from teachers, do as your told and get homework done on time (maybe!?!?)

When you’re in work you do what you need, put effort into it, get things done on time. You’re accountable to your boss, your clients or your colleagues.

When you’re at home you get chores done, food cooked, keep everything in order as you’re accountable to your family. (And if I told you I was on my way around you’d get it all done in half the time!)

When it comes to you:

You’re last on the list

You’re happy enough to let yourself down

Who’s gonna tell you off.

Your inner critic may have a few negative things to say, she’s said it many times before.

The thing is so many KNOW what to do.

They just need a kick up the butt

Someone to support them

A bit of guidance

Truth is, you may tell yourself over and over again that THIS TIME:

You’re gonna eat healthier

You’re gonna do more exercise

You’re gonna stop picking at chocolates

You’re gonna get back running

You’re gonna stick to this one because you’ve GOT TO GET IN THAT DRESS in the Summer


What’s different than all the other times?


This is the main ingredient you need to pull everything together (When I was chatting with Lynda on the phone the other day, this was the one simple thing she could not believe was the missing link)

To be successful you need someone to be there for you and keep you going.

It’s harder on your own.

This is why I recommend anyone do exactly what I have learned to do.

Get Help

Get a coach

In my business I always have a coach / mentor.

Someone to inspire me

Someone to educate me

Someone to motivate me and encourage me to keep me on my toes.

I get deadlines

I get targets 

and because of this….I get results.

It’s just the same for you.

What is your goal?

What is your deadline?

Who is going to motivate you and keep you going?

Right now I’m getting exciting with a load of girls who are eager to make the change.

They have wardrobes full of clothes that they want to fit into

They have weddings and holidays they want to feel confident at

They have decided that they cant stay the way they are right now

They have taken the opportunity to get on the phone with me and take the first step to losing weight, toning up and feeling confident and they’re in the 12 week Life Tarasnformer Accountability programme.

Do you fee like you need help?

Grab this opportunity NOW to join in

The application form is here:

Now is the time to take action on what you want to achieve for you body, confidence and health.

This programme is guaranteed results – what have you got to lose?

Tara xx

P.S There are many coming along to my event on their own so If you can’t find someone to come with you, please don’t worry. There are going to be so many in exactly the same position that will feel a little daunted, but I guarantee you’ll be so happy that you made the effort to come along. With or without a friend.

  • February 1, 2018