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OMG Fat Burning Fish Fingers

What’s happened so far

this weekend?


Nailed your nutrition or went a bit nuts with

too much wine, pizza stodge to mop up the

hangover or caved to some truly indulgent

treats and now you can’t wait to



Well….truth be known, I’ve had a whole week

of celebrating my birthday. 80% of the time,

I’ve been clean….It’s my lifestyle. After working on

it a few years ago, it’s now easy.




I’ve had a lot more alcohol and chocolate

than normal.


You may have seen my photos on

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


Yes, I’m ‘Normal’.


In fact I’ve had more likes on my choccy pics than I get on my

training ones…ha!


So guess what…I’m not doing the, start on Monday thing.




Yep- as soon as I’ve sent you this, I’m off to the gym for some

fasted training (OMG you should see

my new leggings!).


I’m gonna lift some heavy weight for my legs & bum,

Do a 12 minute HIIT then walk on the tread for at least 20 mins.


And my food is going to be super



Now nutrition is so so so important

when you want to lose weight and I always get

emails about, “What’s the food like in the programme? I’m such

a fussy eater”


I’ve got it nailed for those fussy eaters out there.


Sometimes we like traditional food, yummy comfort

food, food your kids will love

and I’ve been wanting this recipe for a while now and

it’s one of the new ones in my

21 day weight loss program which starts




(Scroll to the bottom for the piccy)


They are amazing! AND the beans in the pic are not

your sugar, salt & everything else tinned

beans….These are clean too!


Healthy you, Healthy Family!


Now are you going to hope that you can

think your weight off?

Do what you think is gonna help

you lose weight or do what you KNOW is going to

help and join me NOW?


Click here to join me and the team

to lose weight, tone up and burn fat.


You’ll get instant access to your membership,

all of the 12 minute body toning workouts

AND every recipe, including the fish fingers!!!


Which one are you going to be though??

Crispy or battered???


Keep fit & fab


Tara xx


P.S I’m a crispy girl! Is there a recipe you’d love me to TARAnsform?

I”ve had one request for a Jam Tart…I’m on it. Tell me yours.

Oh and here’s the link again to join me in the program.

21 day weight loss program

which fishp


  • August 10, 2014