OBSESSING over what you can't have? - Tara Hammett

OBSESSING over what you can’t have?

Great email from Carly:

Over the last year I have increased
the amount I exercise drastically.

I have always been relatively slim
but my goal now is to tone up.

I am 5″6 and I weigh 8st 6.
I do a combination of weight training and
cardio but I’m focusing more on the weight training lately.

I feel like my diet lets me down because
if I try to eat healthily or clean I just eat salad or veg.

I was hoping you could give me some tips on
adjusting my diet and also if I can tone the muscles
I already have or if I need to put some weight on and then tone?

I’d really appreciate some feedback.
And I hope that makes sense.

Thank you

First..none of us wants to be on a ‘diet’,
​the word just screams
obsessing over what you
CAN’T have.

If you can’t do it 365 days of the year – then don’t do it.

​Instead work on changing your eating habits

Eating healthy is
NOT living off salads….
OMG – boring!

Nobody would stick to
eating for weight loss if that’s what it was.

Instead – eat
Bolognese, Pizza,
Curry, Pancakes..
Whatever your fancy with recipes all from
my clean & creative eBook


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You need balance at every meal so you’re feeling
satisfied from your food,
giving your body what it needs from
Protein, Fat &
Carbs and
making sure your hormones
are working for you.

Also, when it comes to muscle –
we don’t actually ‘tone’ what we’ve got.

When we train we increase the size of the muscle
which gives the toned look so lifting weights
is definitely the way forward for
getting that toned, gorgeous body.

And you don’t need to increase the time you’re
training drastically then either.

That’s why I recommend the 12 minute
workouts, using body weight and
weights as this will help
tone your whole body
AND give you
a cardio workout at the same time.

Time saving
and full body toning in one!


I hope those tips & advice help.

Keep sending those emails to me!

And soon, you’ll be able to
submit even more to me in my
Inner Circle – coming soon!
Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

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  • March 17, 2015