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No point in pretending

We don’t really turn into magical humans
and poop rainbows
Lets face it.
You read a lot of my emails,
posts and
watch my videos about the
success stories of all those that
have done my programme.
It’s AMAZING to learn about.
To be Inspired
But lets not totally sparkle
coat the rest of the story.
When the programmes
end some
do let their good habits slip.
I get it
We all do it.
When we lose the accountability
a bit of your drive goes with it.
I totally get it
So last night I did a
Turbo Boost Live Meeting
with some TARAnsformers
(V Quickly: Rhi, Gem, Sue
you are AMAZING!)
is all I can say
We all see each other in the
groups but its far more POWERFUL
chatting about it and
ADMITTING tough stuff for real.
Rhi hit the nail on the head.
Her birthday came.
The Cake Came
The Cake got sliced up
The Cake got eaten.
And the thought process:
“Ah…the programme has finished now,
I’ll have another slice’
Old mindset kicking in there!!
WE talked about EVERYTHING
that has caused a little hiccup recently.
When life throws a big
freaking blow and slaps you in the face
The Haters
Lies and Stories we tell ourselves.
We covered it all.
Listening to the girls stories was wonderful.
They’re all looking HOT!!
And they’ve still got MOST
of the brilliant vibes they had
when we were on the programme
They all agreed that if
it wasn’t for the programme,
they wouldn’t have
‘kept it together’ so
well when facing struggles.
It even took until the
end of the programme for
ALL of us….
To admit certain things about our lives.
But once the seal was broken…
It all came pouring out.
We admitted feeling
VULNERABLE with certain parts
of our lives but felt FREAKING BRILLIANT
letting it all out!!
In the end we were all
BOUNCING with enthusiasm.
Remembering how
brilliant you can feel when you
surround yourself by those RADIATORS
in life.
Supportive friends.
Those that want to see you do well
and encourage you to keep on doing it.
At one point I was so
excited about
responding to something Gemma
said that I got one of my books
out and read out some words from a
book I’ve read which was SPOT ON with
dealing with people that try to bring you down.
And you’ll get it too.
It’s THEIR way of
defending their SECURITY.
So I told them EXACTLY how to respond and
defend theirs……whilst
feeling like a confident, gorgeous goddess in the process!!
So my message following the meeting to you is this
You MUST seek HELP
You MUST do it for YOU
You may very well have a great support network.
But is the support completely there for
your health changes.
You NEED to know how to eat to be
healthy and still lose weight.
You NEED to know the best exercise to
tone your body the FASTEST
You NEED someone there when you do slip up
and cave
(^^ we all do it)
You NEED someone to talk to when it gets
You NEED to put yourself FIRST.
The girls will agree too.
Now they reminded themselves of what you
can get when you get accountable agin,
your motivation comes back.
They’re back in the game
Found they’re mojo again.
These girls made a big investment
in themselves with the Life TARAnsformer
programme and its been so worthwhile.
I’m not saying you need to dive in and spend 12 weeks with me
straight away
My 7 Day Detox Week Programme
kicks off and the group will
be opening on Saturday Morning.
I do ENCOURAGE you to make
a very small investment in yourself and kickstart YOUR
body and mindset goals with me
to help you feel as POSITIVE and CONFIDENT  as
everyone in my programmes right now.
The longer you resist doing something
new for yourself, the longer those feelings
of misery, lack of willpower and feeling like
a failure persist

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S The girls are getting extra goodies form me today. The meeting was

recorded so they can watch that

whenever they want, but they’ll also be getting 3 meal plans to

from me that they can keep forever.

So invest…you never know what added bonuses you may get!! 😉

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