My weight loss does NOT mean success - Tara Hammett

My weight loss does NOT mean success

Getting this out later than planned.

Danny wanted to play ‘get up every hour’ last night

so woke later than planned.

Then he had his brekki

Then he came in the bath with me

Then he waved Daddy off and was sick over himself and Mummy

Then the health visitor came (He’s doing amazing)

Now he’s in his moses basket and I’m rocking it with my foot as I type, praying I don’t go out of sync and wake him – lol

Multi tasking Mum!

Anyway, as part of me sharing my experiences and what I was going to

catch up about is how what I’ve recently been going through

is a bit of an example how focussing on the scales only is NOT the way to measure

the success of your body & health goals.

The photos here show two very different pictures.

41 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks later.

Fortunately, a lot of what I was carrying was baby and fluid with my pregnancy and

already I am only 2lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Many would think thats amazing, I’ve pinned straight back,

but in reality it is a very different story.

Yes on the photo it looks like a massive difference in two weeks

but the truth is underneath my clothes I am a million miles away from what I looked

and felt like before.

For the moment, I’m 100% accepting of how I am.

I’ve been through a lot with my body and

right now my priority is looking after Danny and

making sure that I look after my own health with continued rest.

In fact, the health visitor asked if I have started back exercise and I’m

just not ready.

It will come so I’m just doing whats important for now and at the most

will get outside walking and getting some fresh air

(The furthest I’ve been in almost a week is the door step chatting to my postman)

So the message for today is about those scales.

Whilst I’m only 2lbs off

I’ve got more fat on my body

I look skinnier in some places (not good)

I’m not toned or defined

I’m not strong

My butt is so flat compared to what it was (<<CRY!)

I’m not as fit

When I put on my clothes, yes…they fit but not well.

My inches are bigger around some areas

and smaller in others (all the wrong places)

Mentally I accept all this so I’m not going to allow it

to affect my confidence.

I’m too busy and happy being a new Mum to think about it.

Also, it’s something that I know I can change and

get started on in a few weeks.

When you focus just on weight loss, all you

become is a smaller, squidgier version of yourself.

That’s me right now.

The goal as always should be focusing on your health,

your wellbeing,

a positive mindset.

Scales are a great tool for monitoring your health, but

MUST be used in conjunction with other factors too.

Your fitness

Your strength

Your inches

Your clothes size

Your sleep

Your stress management

Your mindset

Your relationship with yourself and others

Getting your body & confidence goals doesn’t mean

taking dramatic action and starving yourself or

living off shakes and pills.

It means looking at

What exercise are you doing?

What food are you eating?

What are you drinking?

When are you taking time out to relax and nurture yourself?

Are you investing time in relationships and people you love?

Taking small steps each day eating real food and

being supported as you work on the process of change.

# If you have had enough of looking in the mirror and hating what you see,

# Gutted you can’t wear so many of the clothes in your wardrobe because they don’t fit,

# P**sed off that you feel like a pig every weekend after bingeing on takeaways and drinking too much, but you just can’t help it because you can’t find the motivation.

Remind yourself of who is going to make the change.


You are in complete control of all of it.

You can either keep on going to your weigh class and obsessing on the scales or

you can work on changing your lifestyle for the longterm.

No more diets

Change the way you move

Change the way you eat

Change the way you think

Change your lifestyle

The next Taransformer programme opens on Friday.

It’s week with the team where you

LEARN what to eat (real food from the supermarket)

LEARN that you need to take it easy to start

FOCUS on taking on step at a time

Get SUPPORTED every single day.

We stop eating and drinking so many of the things which help to keep us fat & unhealthy and

kickstart your motivation and healthy body mission.

The 7 Day Kickstart Week

^^ you can join in and get more info here ^^

It’s time to look at the bigger picture,

not just the scales

Tara xx

P.S Next time I’ve going to tell you all how my diet has been the last

few weeks and what changes I’m going to make to ensure that

I’m keeping my energy up (trying to prevent anymore weight loss and keep my energy up)

whilst stopping the naughty habits which have crept in

coffee, chocolate, biscuits, thick white toast….<<< yep, they gotta go!!

tut tut Tara….I’m getting on the clean machine too and you can see how I do it.

  • February 1, 2017