My Girl Crush Is Miserable - Tara Hammett

My Girl Crush Is Miserable

You know you look at someone and think,
OMG they’re so beautiful!
Yeah – I’ve got a girl crush!
And she is beautiful
And funny
But Guess what…
She’s unhappy with herself.
SICK of Yo-Yo dieting
SICK of rummaging through her wardrobe and feeling uncomfortable
SICK of struggling
How do I know?
I was on the phone chatting with her last night
after she applied for the Life TARAnsformer 5 programme.
Filling out the application made her feel emotional.
Well it would!
Putting in black and white all the things you don’t like about yourself.
It is emotional.
So we chatted for a while.
About all the things that are getting in the way.
How her partner would HATE to hear her saying
all those things about herself, and how she would feel
if nothing changes.
Well….that’s not an option.
It HAS to change and now a
massive weight has been lifted off
her shoulders as she gets excited to
start with me and the squad on 4th January
freeing herself of the battle.
This time…it’s DIFFERENT.
We’re RAMPING UP the accountability
and I’m excited to get my girl crush feeling
^^ The application is right there for you^^
Read it
Complete it
Get emotional
and if you don’t get any of those scared, nervous,
excited emotions from the application.
It’s probably not for you.
And whilst you’re reading this email…..did you
see my Facebook video saying about joining
my TARAnsformer Private group for FREE?
The link is on FB for you to join in.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S  The books in the piccy are going out to everyone
in the programme……10 spaces life for LT5
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  • December 21, 2015