My fear of my waters breaking on the stage - Tara Hammett

My fear of my waters breaking on the stage

Imagine how shocked everyone would be

OMG, I actually was worried about it.

Yesterday I was invited as Guest Speaker at the Young Business Dragons Final.

Being 37 weeks pregnant, I was actually nervous that my waters would go in front of everyone.


Thankfully – it didn’t happen.

Imagine I’d let that fear & worry take over and I didn’t do my talk though!

I’d have been gutted

Missing out on a fabulous opportunity all because of something I imagined
in my mind and didn’t happen anyway.

I’m sure you’ve done things like this before.

We’ll cover that in a mo, but sticking with yesterday I just wanted to mention what I talked about.

Although it was business based, as I said yesterday.

Achieving business goals is the same as any other.

Body Goals
Relationship Goals
Confidence Goals
Life Goals

…any goals.

They all take HARD WORK, yet the results are always worth it to get what you want.

I talked about my journey.

My fear of failure
My worry of being judged

I was so scared for so long about changing my career path and building the TARAnsformer community and programmes that I stayed in the same job, over working, doing the same thing for many years…..and complaining about it.

But I was too scared to do anything and change.

Until I decided to believe in myself a bit more and accept that I would
make mistakes along the way, but as long as I kept on trying, I could do it.

So I took the chance.

I said to so many
“If you think of anything that would would like me to help with (fitness and inspiration based of course),
just say yes on my behalf and I’m up for it. I’ll deal with it later”

I recently found out Richard Branson said the same so it must have been a good thing to do.

I used to stretch myself,
Do things for free,
Work crazy long hours but I was up for it.

I had no option in my eyes.

I didn’t want to continue the way that I was, so I HAD to do something.

I made my thoughts, ideas and dreams become a reality and through my investment in myself,
my business and my experiences I just LOVE sharing my journey and helping others do the same.

So what are you thinking about that you’d love to change but you’re
too scared/nervous/worried about taking the step?

Yours may be business like mine.
It may be your body
Your confidence
Your relationships.

Whatever it is, until YOU take action, you
will not get the success you want in that area.

No matter what time of year it is.

Now it’s Christmas MANY people are taking their foot off the pedal and stepping back
because…..well, Christmas.


Why not GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY to make change NOW!

Like I did before – You may not know what to do right now,
but say YES, commit and learn how to do it.

Instead of delaying
Instead of making things worse
Instead of everything being the same

Right now I’m giving YOU the opportunity to feel
a bit more amazing and proud, even though ‘Christmas’

You can join me for only £10 and the rest of the girls (who lost up to 7lbs in 7 days last week)
as we see out 2016 together.

Not delaying feeling proud
Not putting on more weight and feeling frumpier

Doing something different.

Don’t hope Santa magically brings you that hot New Year Body this year….Ya gotta work for it!

Start now


P.S As of next week I’m starting to do something NEW

I’m gonna chill out.

It’s finally time that I’m going to put my feet up more
rest more and enjoy the last few weeks
of pregnancy and being able to go anywhere I want and only think of myself.

I just hope Baby Deaks stays in until 5th January

#PrayForTara LOL xxx



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  • December 16, 2016