My cry for HELP - Tara Hammett

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My cry for HELP

Thank goodness for asking for help.
We all need it
Kinda wish I felt more
COMFORTABLE doing it though.
Maybe you’re a bit like me too.
The one everyone comes to for SUPPORT
The one everyone comes to for guidance
The one everyone relies on to
cheer everyone up.
And you know what…
I do love that.
I get a lot from it myself,
like it fires up more energy in me.
I LOVE putting a smile on peoples faces.
It’s nice to be on the receiving end.
Yesterday I was overwhelmed.
Kept thinking I had so much to do
ready for the launch of my DVD.
I stressed out thinking I’d run out of time to get everything done.
That it may not go as well as I wanted it to.
That I may do something wrong.
So…In my mentor group
(yes, I’ve joined one for accountability with my business
like the TARAnsformers do with me)
I threw my SOS out there.
I felt a bit stupid doing it and was dreading
the fact nobody may be there.
How wrong was I!?!
The support was there –
and of course it was going to be.
I’m in a group of like-minded people.
They want to help
They know how hard it is
They need lifting when
times get tough.
I ended up having a Skype chat with
this awesome guy Mark and
whats weird id…he said such similar things
to what I would have said to any of my clients.
But I didn’t quite believe myself.
And like Mark said.
Focus on the things that you appreciate and love
They ARE enough
And I am enough
YOU are too!!
What I experienced yesterday was all because
I want the SUCCESS of my forthcoming DVD so badly.
It’s like the thought of it not doing well
is not an option.
I’m so proud of it and grateful
for the opportunity that it got on top of me.
Now lets flip it
When was the last time you asked for help?
To do with your BODY goals
To do with your RELATIONSHIP
To do with your MINDSET
to do with your WORK
The help is out there and
when you invest in yourself
(Like I have)
When you surround yourself by a group of people
with similar goals to you
(Like I have)
Those moments of overwhelm
can soon be brought to clarity.
and I’ve got all that covered for you.
You want to make it EASIER and CLEARER to
lose weight?
I’ve got the FAST workouts to do it in my inner circle.
You want to make it EASIER to eat healthy and stay on
I’ve got the recipes to do it in my inner circle.
You want to IMPROVE your mindset?
I’ve got the guidance and inspiration to help you
thin positively.
My DVD isn’t ready for launch quite yet,
there’s still some work BUT
I’ve got a really good plan after speaking
with my support group.
Now my anxiety has turned right back
to excitement…which is exactly how it should be.
I can’t even begin to think
what would have happened if
i didn’t ask for help and
tried to do it all alone.
Same for you…..
Doing the wrong thing.
Put your trust in me and
let me help you like I’ve helped
so many TARAnsformers.
Your SOS will be answered
straight away.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I had this lovely meal yesterday. Had a mixture of sweetness and saltiness.
Posted it in the inner circle group and nobody fancied it!! HMPH!!
Maybe I have to accept that some things I won’t get right  – ha!


Tara Hammett