My Choc, Pizza, Crisps & Chips Diet - Tara Hammett

My Choc, Pizza, Crisps & Chips Diet

That pic is an example of what I was eating and what
I’ve been starting my day with almost every morning since Danny arrived.

The to one…not good, but


Now it’s time to change

Now, I’m making sure I keep my energy up,
My calories up
My carbs higher than what I would normally have
However, the main thing I need to make sure I do is:


Over the last 10 months I’ve had cravings for the
salty carby stuff and the thought of a healthy meal with vegetables,
salad or fruit…TURNED MY STOMACH!

I had it all

My quick & clean breakfast was swapped for things like toast & high sugar granola
My lunch wasn’t healthy & prepped,
I wanted sandwiches, crisps (had to be salt & vinegar), scotch eggs.
Dinner was just stuff I picked at as I’d feel nauseous or too big and full to eat more.
In a restaurant my usual “swap the chips for salad or veg” was “Give me all the chips”..and the side order
of bread & onion rings.

Since Danny arrived, those cravings have gone,
but my habit of toast stayed and
my love of chocolate & coffee has returned

Many of my meals are healthy and fast now BUT
I know it’s time to get back on it and plan healthier ways of keeping my energy intake up.

So, as I take baby steps back to my healthy, active lifestyle I’m making a start now on my nutrition.

I’m doing exactly what I’m going to recommend the girls in the Detox Week Programme do.

PREP – My Tesco shop is on the way and full of the right stuff. No More Goodies!

PLAN – I’ve got quick & easy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner planned which will include using my slow cooker – AMAZING TIME SAVER, batch cooking meat & fish and lots of different stir fry’s.

DITCHING – I’m going to swap the coffee, biscuits and chocolate for healthier snacks, refreshing hot & cold drinks.

BEING ACCOUNTABLE – nobody is going to do it for me, I could use many excuses for eating junk – but I can do better.

GETTING SUPPORT We’re going to do it together at home and I’m going to show all my meals to the team in the detox support group. This will give me more motivation as I have to declare what I plan on doing and show it.

Feel the same as me?
Need to get back to it and clean up your act?


I’m doing what I would recommend anyone do.

In a few months I KNOW I’m going to be fitter, stronger, healthier and happier with what I see in the mirror.

Are You?

Spend the next few weeks with me as we change our body & lifestyle together.

You’ve gotta start now and this could be the best time to do it
I’ll be leading the programme with Louise AND I’ll be a TARAnsformer just like you

I’m gonna practice what I preach

It’s action time

I’m a bit excited to get back on it and feel & look better.

I know how my clients feel now

Tara xx

P.S I’ll share a recipe with you tomoz from the detox programme xx

Tara Hammett