My Chip shop Chips & Ice Cream Binge - Tara Hammett

My Chip shop Chips & Ice Cream Binge

Before I tell you how I mopped up my
hang over from the most wonderful wedding I was at on Friday
I’m just going to remind you that today is your last
day to join my detox week
Anyway…I’m always quite keen to
let you know that I”m not some kinda
FREAK that only eats the cleanest of clean
and drinks loads of green tea and water.
(Like some of the comments on the photo
I posted on Social Media yesterday)
Before I went to bed after the wedding
I made sure I drunk plenty
of water.
But you still have that tired,
OMG i need STODGE feeling
because you don’t sleep properly
and you’re just feeling kinda BLEURGH.
I started off well….I went to
a lovely restaurant in the sunshine and
had a coffee and a salmon salad
but in the end I caved.
However – it was gorgeous though.
We went for a nice walk around a
lake near my home and picked up
some chip shop chips and a huge
Joes ice-cream to share between the three of us.
It was amazing
And because I don’t have them often – chances are I
enjoyed them more than those who have them all the time.
Anyway, I do feel kinda – yukky today.
As I’m clean ing my act up for the next 7 days.
I’m off to the gym as soon as
I press send to get this email to you
then I’ll be back for a green smoothie which
I’m going to fill to the BRIM
with awesomeness!
Lots of lemon water and
feel good in my mind that I’m back on the wagon
myself and taking hold again.
So what about you?
Any weekend indulgence that’s make you feel
a bit podge.
^^ Join me now and you can get your shopping in
and smash it with me! ^^
If you do feel a bit guilty and stodgy, give me
a few days to show you
how it’s done and you’ll be feeling
healthier in no time.
You can lose up to 11lbs in this week…al through real food too!!
So you can still nom
on fried and ice-cream….this time though.
They’re MINE, not the chip shop!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I’m off to the Swansea Bay 10K today – so if you’re
around come and say hello!!
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  • September 20, 2015