My bump....and me now! - Tara Hammett

My bump….and me now!

I can’t believe how big I was!

When I think and look back at my pregnancy, even though at the time I felt 

like it was never going to end…now it’s such a distant memory.

I was always honest and really didn’t like being pregnant, but it was so worth it.

Now, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Being able to make steps towards getting back in shape, 


stronger and

more body confident.

The past 6 weeks have flown by,

I’ve been eating healthy.

Working on my core and back (only once or twice…TIME!)

Doing the 30 day butt challenge (sometimes catching up on 3 in a row,


On Friday I reached the 6 week mark, the time I wanted to wait until I stepped up a level. I went to bed on Thursday night looking forward to the HIIT class Friday morning, that night…Danny didn’t wake me too much – but I got some insomnia. I was up sterilising bottles at 1:30am – DOH!


I still went.

I was determined Friday was going to be my Day 1.

I did it and I loved it and was home by 7am.


So today I’m putting it out there. As I recommend everyone do.

On Friday in the Inner Circle

(You can join in and get access to monthly workouts, recipes, webinars and

daily support) I shared my before shot, my goal (a black dress) and my measurements.

I don’t recommend people declare it like I am, it can be done in private,

but this way is going to make me the most accountable.

I’m going to keep you posted on my progress with the hope that it inspires you too.

So many want to change but just THINK about it

rather than do something about it.

Today, all I’m doing is sharing with you my plan,

Making myself accountable to you,

accepting that it will be hard, I may not bounce back as quickly as I’d like but that

I know it will NOT be perfect.

I’ll have parties,


tiredness will stop me working out but I will take it one day at a time.

You may have struggled through half term,

caved to the weekend,

find it hard to control your sweet tooth,

need to give yourself a wake up call.

Make this your wake up call. There’s so much help out there for you. Whether you decide to

let me help you or you do something else. Only you can do it 

I’m going to share my next pics like this in 6 weeks time.

You could make such a difference to your body & health in 6 weeks too.

I’ve printed my 5 Step tick sheet – it’s on my fridge as a regular reminder

I’ll do 12 min workouts this week at home

I’ll share every meal in the support group with everyone that’s doing it with me

On Friday I’ll measure to see how I’ve done

I’ll read for 10 mins each day

I may screw up one day -but I’m not scared of that. I can get back on it at the next meal or the next workout.

If you want to make a declaration, message me back.

Because I’ve done this now I’m going to be even more determined to do this

……or I’m going to be gutted, and I’ll only have myself to blame.

Don’t look back in 1/6/12 weeks WISHING you started the same day as me.

Action time!

Tara xxx

P.S it’s only £6.72 p/w to do what I’m doing.

click here for more info

Tara Hammett