My Biscuit Munching Made Me CROSS! - Tara Hammett

My Biscuit Munching Made Me CROSS!


Would this annoy you?

A big ‘X’ on my ticksheet full of ticks.

Just posted this in the 21 and Inner Circle Group:

“Well……I got a cross on my ticksheet ?

Mindlessly, at my brothers I said yes to 3 biscuits with my coffee.


I’m more annoyed about the mess on my ticksheet than actually eating them.

Hey ho…


I was going to have an indulgence with the boxing tonight.

Not happening now

Trip to Tesco cancelled and I’m going to make a healthy pie in the oven and have with veg

Yes…it’s only 3 biscuits

But then a treat tonight
Sunday lunch tomorrow 
Start again Monday

Not happening

I want the body more than the munchies and in 6 weeks I’m going to publicly show my 6 week progress photo

Mindlessness will not get me there, so lesson is to think more.

When I’ve got the goal, I can afford to do those things. Like I did before.

I am not like I was before though and I have to
make some sacrifices until then

So that’s me!


P.s The annoying thing is the biscuits were average.”

There’s no point in lying to myself and ticking every

box to show you how amazing I am.

Cos I’m not.

Just like everyone, 

I slip up,

I do mindless things,

I get tempted,

Then I’m annoyed at myself.

Why did I say yes? Ah well. Done now BUT I’m glad it happened because there’s

a lesson for me.

I can easily cave to goodies – like I did before I was pregnant however, I was in shape then and I could get away with it. Maintaining my weight & body fat was easier then.

Right now though, I am on a fat loss / muscle building journey, and I have to

make some changes.

I was going to have treat night tonight, but ‘one little bit here’ and ‘one little bit there’ is NOT the way to go if I want to show photos with a difference in 6 weeks time.

I know it’s going to be hard to get back the way I was, so I have to work hard and 

accept that I have to make some sacrifices. 

The results in a few weeks will be worth it though.

So back on track today.

I’ve done my Butt Challenge exercises and managed lifting some weights for my arms and 5 mins of running intervals on the treadmill

(No sprints BTW because…..pelvic floor!!!)

Only healthy meal choices for the rest of the day

(Going to make a pie which will be another new recipe in the Detox Programme)

You may have done exactly the same as me yesterday,

or the whole of last week,

or today.

It’s ok. 

We’re all on the imperfect journey to change.

The main thing is DOING


and Keep on going.

One big help for me is the tick sheet and the accountability of the groups.

If you want to learn from my mistake yesterday and do

what I’m going to do for the next week.

Print up your free ticksheet

Get involved in Detox week next week.

I’ve GOT to cut down my coffee and increase my water.

That’s my mission next week

….and not caving to biscuits again.

Here’s the link to the programme

See you in the team hopefully

Tara xx

P.S I had 1 hob nob, 1 ginger crunch and 1 custard creme. 

I bailed on the malted milk (aka cow biscuits) because they’re a bit of a ‘one dip’


  • March 4, 2017