My advice I KNOW you will NOT take - Tara Hammett

My advice I KNOW you will NOT take

One of the girls text me the
other day and in classic Tara fashion
I text back a few hours later.
I got
“OMG – I can’t believe you text me
then. I was talking about you”
Wooooooohhhhhh – Spooky.
She’d been out for lunch with the girls and
she’s lost loads of weight doing my
programmes and following my recipes
that she was getting her ears chewed off.
“So what do you eat then?”
She eats so many yummy
things….Some of her faves are the
Fajitas that the whole family eat.
The Chicken, Pear & Walnut Salad
The Tandoori Chicken and
more recently the hot LOADED soups
which get VaVaVOOMED up with
shredded chicken and mixed seeds.
“Tar…” She said
“It all went in one ear and out the
other with them”
And this is a bit of a classic too.
You get asked a question about what to eat to lose
weight………as the questioner tucks into
chips, bread & wine whilst listening to the answer
And that’s the problem with so many….
Maybe YOU
You’re keen to get the answers
But do NOTHING about it.
How RIDICULOUS is that?!?!
and the exercise
Not long at all.
There’s no need, so before you go
“ah – I haven’t got time”
You got 12 minutes.
What would you rather do?
12minutes of exercise that makes you feel AMAZING
Standing in front of the mirror for 12 minutes
HATING what you see??
Yeah – you know it!
The video is available for you
to invest JUST 12 mins in yourself
And get epic results like
my friend has got whilst
eating loads of amazing food.
Still going out with your mates for lunch
and not even feeling guilty about it!
And with these workouts
they work!!!!

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Everyone also commented on the HUGE salad my friend ordered in the restaurant, so
she left feeling extra smug….and toned & fit 😉

Tara Hammett