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My 4 Week Transformation

Here’s my progress pics from the last 4 weeks.

I posted this in my Taransformums group yesterday.

Here’s the post 

(this is about me and Danny but I thought I’d share it anyway).

** 8 weeks Postpartum **

Sharing a progress pic this week as I’m starting to notice a difference.

I’m feeling great, a bit of cabin fever as I wait for a new car and a bit emosh

when I’m tired but other than that I’m tip top.

Over the past 4 weeks I’ve done one detox week and the 21 day programme
(Open now ready to start Monday if you want to join me ….as I’m doing it again)

Although I’ve done the 30 Day Butt challenge to get me started,

it’s mainly the nutrition which helps to be successful and see the difference and I’m doing quick HIIT workouts and have had two 20min sessions lifting weights
(My Butt has been killing me)

On to Danny

I can only describe him as our gorgeous little smiler ? he’s such a happy boy.

He’s so alert and strong.

His arms and legs are a million miles an hour and bedtime is now a game of ‘how quickly can I break free and starfish’….we’ll have to stop putting him in a swaddle.

He’s found his hands now so tries to have a little chew (although most of the time they’re hidden under mits) and Mamma needs to carry a band for her hair as we’re getting tangled.

More of his clothes have gone into a box, he’s growing too quickly.

Although someone said you can get them made into a teddy bear so I need to find out who does that.

This week Danny has his injections ???? I don’t think I can face being in the room

or Deaks will be trying to stop us both crying ?

Fingers crossed he doesn’t feel anything


The last 4 weekS shave flown by for me,

and I’m sure they have for you.

We all say how quickly it goes and that time seems to

go faster the older you get.

Considering time goes so fast,

are you doing as much as you can to make the most of it?

Changing the things you don’t like

Working towards goals 

Spending more quality time with those you love??

So many are waiting for the right time.

Now is the time to change habits and become a happier person.

If you took a photo 4 weeks ago and right now – do you think you would see much difference?

Over the past 4 weeks I’ve done what I said I’d do.

Not perfect – but really good.

There have been slip ups.

The biscuits, the coffee, the dessert last night, the diet coke.

What I do the majority of the time is making a difference though.

I’ve been doing some exercise (longest session has been 20 minutes) which has left

me aching so much that stairs, sitting and bending over have hurt.

Hurty Nicey though, you know that sore feeling from exercise which 

you kinda like as it reminds you about working hard, but the type of sore that you can’t wait for it to go away.

Taking these photos has been great to see the visible difference over the past 4 weeks.

Weight wise I am exactly the same and clothes size I’m the same, 

but I’m feeling fitter and with great energy.

I’m not stressing about loads of exercise

I’m not stressing bout ‘dieting’

I’m not worried that I’m going to fail.

Accountability and support are what will encourage me to continue, 

and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Tomorrow the 21 day programme starts. We really should start you on 

your journey to change.

If your stomach is your worst bit – take action

If your fitness is poor – take action

If you’ve had enough of feeling tired and drained of energy – take action

Do you fancy joining me, doing what I do and taking a before photo so you can look

back on it in 3/4 weeks time and think ‘WOAH – WHAT A DIFFERENCE”

Do the same as I’m doing.

Bring on the next 4 weeks!

Tara xxx

PPS Last night we had dine in for £10. Chicken, potato rosti and millionaires shortbread dessert.


Back on it today though…even though I’m eating out.;-)

  • March 12, 2017