How much water did you drink yesterday? - Tara Hammett

How much water did you drink yesterday?

Isn’t everything easier when it’s made….easier!?!
After sharing my shopping list yesterday a few got sharing back…and asking questions.
Exactly what I’m looking for.
Following a list, plan, guide etc can make what once seemed hard to get your head around into something much easier.
Have you noticed that?
Have you joined one of my programmes before and noticed your motivation go up…then when the programme stopped, your willpower dwindled with it?
In the TARAnsformer groups this week we’re focusing on water
How much did you honestly drink yesterday  ?
This is something I struggle with, but after joining the girls in the #waterchallenge, I drunk more yesterday…..and it was easy.
Because I became more accountable.
On my own, It’s so easy to keep putting the kettle on in favour of water.
BTW, I’ve decided I’m not that fussed on Coffee at the mo,
and I’ve totally got into Earl Grey.
OMG I love it
And I love accountability.
We need this so much.
This is #1 in helping you move from the excuse making, comfort zone living person to the action taker who feels pretty awesome and super proud of achieving success.
Accountability accelerates your progress. When you’ve got someone helping you, you can be sure you’re following the right plan and not doing things that may be slowing down your results.
When you’ve got someone helping you, you measure your success. In our programmes we start off by taking weight, inches, clothes size, before photos and actually have something to measure against and track your success.
When you’re part of a group, you become more engaged. The girls in the programmes interact and chat with each other. This way you’re reminded of your goals and being distracted from them is kept to a minimum and helps you to keep on going.
When you are working with someone who pushes you to make changes, you are reminded that you are ultimately responsible for your actions. You work on dropping your excuses and do what you know you should have done a long time ago.
One final, but very important, thing about having someone to be accountable to is, when you’re feeling down, self critical or like you’re a failure….there’s someone you can chat with to help you put things into perspective and get back on track.
It’s not easy making change, but when you’ve got help (which is good to ask for), you’ve got a much better chance of getting what you want.
If you’re finding you’re getting nowhere FAST on your mission to change, its time to stop trying it on your own and get accountable.
I’ve got 9 days of motivation ready for you starting on Saturday.
Ready to start drinking more water so your skin looks better?
Ready to start eating healthier food so the weight loss speeds up?
Ready to get back on track after a Summer of being out of routine?
Join now and be one of the first ones getting accountable and back on it this weekend.
Hopefully see you in the group!

Tara xxxx

P.S How much water did you drink do you reckon? xx

  • September 13, 2017