ME.ME.ME.ME.ME - Tara Hammett



That’s the one word I heard at least 7 times yesterday.

Before that though

….did you see the Live Workout we did on Thursday with some of the girls?


I was already impressed with them

a) for turning up and doing it, even though I know they were all nervous.

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b) because I know how amazing Jo and Rhian have been on the Life Taransformer programme

c) RACHEL. OMG, Me and Deaks couldn’t stop talking about her after the workout.


I totally wanted to get Rachel on the workout, because she’d already told me she had mobility issues with her back…..then she told me about her leg and her shoulders. Rachel had a shoulder support on, a leg support on and her movement was restricted BUT, she dropped the excuses, showed up and proved that when you have obstacles, there is still always a way around them.

Rachel loved it, she’s already lost a stone from following the Taransformer recipes, and from the workout she was BEAMING and she knew that she could still tone up, get fitter, feel stronger and get her confidence back through exercises that are adaptable, quick to do and safe.

No excuses, just action.

And that’s the same for you and all the lovely ladies I spoke to yesterday.

Why did I hear so many ME’s?

Because I asked them what they believe was the biggest thing getting in the way of them and their goals.

No major obstacles….just themselves.

They KNOW what to do, they just don’t do it.

You know the feeling?

The feeling when you tell yourself you’re gonna try on your own, but then you’re tucking in to goodies sat on the sofa in front of the T.V thinking ‘I SHOULDN’T BE DOING THIS’

It’s not just you – so many do it.

So yesterday we talked about getting over the struggle of dieting alone and 7 of the girls knew, they couldn’t do it on their own anymore.

Like Andrea said ‘It’s time to grow about and take responsibility’

So they’re getting accountable.

They’re excited (and like Claire posted last night), a bit nervous.

Everyone is when trying something new. GOOD…I’m glad they’re feeling like this. I know how much they want it and I want it for them too.

So I’m eliminating the ‘It’s Me’ Excuse and getting them a plan where they’ll spend 12 weeks with me and Lou and we’re going to create even more success stories.

And I’m looking for 8 others

(Because that’s all the room I’ve got left)

You ready to change and stop wishing?


Time to get out of your way.

I want to chat with you on the phone and see if you say ME when I ask the question.

All you’ve got to do is drop the excuses and be ready.

Keep fit & fab

Tara  xx

P.S Don’t miss my low carb friend rice recipe I shared last night xx

Tara Hammett