Man down.....Nearly! - Tara Hammett

Man down…..Nearly!

Soooooooo many people
have been feeling under the weather,
catching bugs and feeling MEH
Including me yesterday.
But not for long.
I woke up not knowing what
was bothering me most.
My throat
Achy Muscles
Stomach pain that had me
buckled over every now and then.
Not Good
I’m hardly ever ill,
and thankfully this only lasted for a little while.
I adopted to policy of get on with it,
keep distracted and
keep loading myself up
with what my body wants and needs.
I drunk lots of water…hot & cold.
I got a workout in and had a good
sweat on.
I made sure I had plenty of vegetables
with my meals and I’m making
sure that I take my supplements.
Sometimes I get a little lazy and miss a few days,
but certainly not now.
We all need these to enhance our
health and immune system whist the bugs are around.
I know you’re probably wondering what I’m taking,
so I’ll let you know.
Each day I’m taking:
Vitamin C (Immune system & Heart Health)
Vitamin D (Immune System & Bone health)
Zinc (Anti oxidant, immune system, energy, reproductive health)
Magnesium (Sleep, Stress & Anxiety)
Omega 3 (Brain Health)
my Lean Greens (superfood supplement great for
detoxifying, gut health, bloating & cravings)
Sleep is also important, so I’m getting to bed a bit earlier
at the mo too so I can still stick to my morning ritual-
Which I LOVE.
When you’re feeling a bit crappy,
it’s easy to cave to the high sugar/fat treats
thinking you NEED it to make you feel better.
Every time you eat or drink,
you’re either fuelling or fighting disease.
Stay healthy
Stay focused and whilst
you’re still enjoying
keep your goals in mind.
8 more days to grab FREE
programmes with me to get you on track in
the New Year
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Keep fit, fab & festive
Tara xx
P.S   How many veggies are you eating each day??
Get em in xx
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