Loving what you've been saying - Tara Hammett

Loving what you’ve been saying

I’m on Day 4 today, along with so many of you.
Today is the day we see if we can improve on our Plank Personal Best
(I was 2 mins 1 second)
I emailed to see how people were getting on and had some awesome responses
Day 3 done and I’m still doing my HIITs. Finding the skipping tough but my aerobic fitness is my weakness.Finding the ab exercises ok at moment I think because I was already doing the HIITs that helped! Getting up earlier than usual especially to do the challenge then do my HIIT when I get home from work so keeping motivated at the moment! I find the group helps too to know that there’s others going through the same as you. Just hoping I can keep it up for the month now.
Enjoying so far! 
Can’t even think about day 30! 1350 jumps… ?
Thanks for such a great challenge though, just what I needed to kick start the “operation get fit and fab for Wedding!”
Enjoyed the butt challenge however I am enjoying this one more.  Haven’t skipped for years. I think these are great challenges to get people motivated.  Sticking to recipes in your books is just the norm for me now. Looking forward to my belly being flatter in 30 days time and my fitness levels higher 🙂 xx
Still alive, it’s challenging let’s hope I make it to the end ?
I love how this challenge is helping so many to get their mojo back,
get a bit motivated to do what they know they should do,
take steps (or jumps) towards losing weight and feeling happier with their body
….especially with Summer on the way!!
As with everything, the next 30 days are going to fly by and it’s just a small task to
do everyday, but the main thing helping everyone with this is the support and direction.
I’m making this as simple as possible for those that really need a push.
You join the free group
Watch the video of what to do
Do one day at a time
comment on my daily check in post.
I’ve even given away a little prize of a personal training session to one of the Taransformers – Beth
Bring it on Beth!!
When I was chatting with Louise today, I told her about another idea I had.
I’m gonna give away a prize to another 20 worthy winners.
I’m not going to say too much more about it right now, but I’m hoping that
it will help to keep the momentum, enthusiasm and energy up amongst everybody
Including YOU!
So whilst I think about it a little bit more,
I encourage you to make sure you’re in in in.
^^^ It’s all happening here to keep going and get friends and family involved.
Introducing someone to the challenge may be a way to win, I don’t know,
haven’t decided yet….but it would help even more people get fitter and healthier!
I shall report my Plank PB tomozza
Tara xxx
P.S Today is the first day in ages I’ve felt kinda free. The past few months I’ve felt so
stuck and sometimes a bit down. Tell you about it in my next email xxx

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  • March 23, 2017