LOVE it or HATE it? - Tara Hammett

LOVE it or HATE it?

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I absolutely LOVE a bit of inspiration from


During  my LIVE Video on Tara TV…aka Facebook,

Jemz asked me

“Can we have Marmite?”

So I had a little chat about it and one thing

led to another and the next thing..

I’m in the kitchen creating this awesome WrapStar

Chicken & Marmite in one of my Low Carb,

Gluten Free Wraps.

So the answer is YES you can.

Did you know??

It’s low in calories

Gluten free

High in many vitamins, especially B vitamins

Also…You can PERSONALISE a jar?

Would be great for Mothers Day..I’ll have to wait for

my birthday now though if you fancy surprising me

with a TARAnsformer Jar 😉

My verdict….it’s LOVE

But what about you?

Have you seen the new reactions

on facebook?

instead of hitting ‘LIKE’

you can now choose ‘LOVE’, ‘WOW’ and even ‘ANGRY’

So get involved and tell me with your reaction.

Do you LOVE it

or Hate it?

I want to see what you think

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S Want more WrapStar inspiration?
^^^ LOADS there…plus other meal ideas.xx
  • March 2, 2016