What you need to do to lose weight and live a happy life is simple.

Keep it basic:

  • 1
    Move more
  • 2
    Eat better
  • 3
    Sleep well
  • 4
    Drink plenty of water
  • 5
    Manage your stress
  • 6
    Do more things you love with the people you love
  • 7
    Love yourself

All stuff you know and heard before but here's the catch.

It's not easy!!

Life is hard
Life is busy
Life is stressful

Messages are confusing
The food that's not the best for us is often quick, easy and so tempting.
People around us make it hard to stay disciplined

I know these are excuses as we all know what we should be doing but it's hard to do - especially on your own. I also believe there are too many 'influencers' out there going too hard on people with the excuse shaming and fat shaming.

Maybe if they actually walked a week in our shoes hey!?


The past few days I've spoken to so many girls about their struggles.

They hate how they feel
They are guilty for avoiding doing things with their children because they're embarrassed
They put on a brave face, but they're really sad inside
They stay motivated for a few days and lose a few pounds, then go right back to old habits

Over and over doing the same things wishing they could get control.

All too often the wrong approach is taken.

Excessive Exercise - all this does is add to the stress and exhaustion of the already busy day. Too tired to do anything with the family or to prepare a good healthy meal.

Excessive Dieting - Cutting out food groups, going of seriously restrictive shake & meal replacement diets, depriving of the best things and after a short while going back to old habits and putting everything back on (plus more!)

Not taking Time Out - our bodies are stressed - we all need to rest, get better sleep , wake feeling refreshed and having days / weekends of to really relax and spend time with loved ones.

Believing the negative thoughts - We control our thoughts, they do not control us! Working on Mental health and mindfulness needs to come first for physical health to be improved.

There a few things that need to be considered for anyone to have success with weight loss and lifestyle change.

1) Focus on WHY?

Why do you even want to lose weight?
I stay focused and disciplined with my business and my body because I have a purpose to help others and my gorgeous little boy, Danny, deserves a healthy, happy Mamma. THAT is enough to get me out of bed and do what I need to do no matter what

2) Do exercise that will serve you and that you enjoy

There is no need to stress yourself out about training 5-6 times a week doing brutal training sessions. Unless you fancy becoming a pro athlete - do something that will fit into you busy lifestyle, help you get nice tone & definition and something you enjoy. Consistency is key - if you like it, you'll do it!

3) Eat a variety of food you enjoy.

YES - the majority of the time we need protein, whole grains, veggies, fruit, fats, fibre, water but rest assured YOU NEED YOUR FAVE STUFF!! I love chocolate - I eat it regularly guilt free! because I balance it with what is good for me.
Like Wine?Gin?Crisps?Cheese? Pizza? it all has it's place!!

4) Do NOT stress about temporarily going 'off plan'

For the rest of your life I hope you have weddings, parties, Christmas, Easter.Holidays, Baby showers, Afternoon teas, Movie night...whatever. Imagine knowing that for the REST OF YOUR LIFE you're going to create drama in your mind because

  • 1
    You're dreading the goodies as you want to lose weight
  • 2
    You eat and drink and feel bad about it the whole time through
  • 3
    You hare yourself for being a 'greedy pig' the next day and you worry about dieting continuously until the next party

It all has it's place - we just need to balance things!


I can't stress this enough.

Every single girl I have spoken to the last few days has told me that they can't do it on their own. They're tried and it doesn't work. They need someone to support them. They know the only obstacle getting in their way is themselves!

Get accountable
When you get the right help your motivation will go up.
You'll be more consistent
You'll feel accountable to get up off your butt and do something
You'll learn how to sustain your new lifestyle
You'll remind yourself of your why and you will be successful.

It takes the first step and I encourage you to apply for my Life Taransformer 12 week plan.

It has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to change
plus me - every single day

  • Teaching 
  • Guiding
  • Supporting
  • Lifting

All you've got to do to change is take the first step.
It can be a very nervous step - but a very exciting one too!

Do you feel you need help to get into control right now?

If the answer is yes - it's time to do something for you straight away!

Tara xxx

P.S Here's the link to apply again : APPLY HERE - LET'S CHAT

  • July 25, 2018