Lisa could NOT believe what I said to her! - Tara Hammett

Lisa could NOT believe what I said to her!

Again, yesterday I was heavily

involved in my SECRET WEAPON

to keep my belly fat


by making sure I manage

my stress levels and work towards keeping cortisol

on my side.

I couldn’t have picked a better week!

OMG….I’m loving my floatation experience…

I actually fell asleep in there yesterday…sleeping

whilst floating on water..I am MAGIC

(or just floating on a few tonne of epsom salts – lol)

Anyway, part of the process was a gorgeous day in

the sunshine having lunch with my friends…and I kinda knew

I was going to get a few

‘I need to lose weight’ questions.

So first, I inspired Lisa to do something

she’d never done before…..

She DIDN’T order her usual FAT STORING

meal that she thought wasn’t too bad for her.

Instead, she was inspired by MRS TARAnsformer

(MOI, BTW! ^^)

to order a meal really filling,

full of flavour and a mixture of delights,

would keep her fuller longer and

support her fat burning.

She was chuffed!

In fact, after ordering she returned to the table

really proud that she’d done something

different (And when you DO that, you get something different,

like RESULTS!)

Following more questions about the

best exercise for MAXIMUM CALORIE BURN,

(Just like the 3 BRAND NEW ones in my

21 day Weight Loss Challenge which kicks off on Monday!),

We talked about what I do to stay so positive,

How I eat so much food and stay slim

(And yes, she was BLOWN AWAY when I said she

doesn’t need to tell her fella off for putting

butter on her veggies!)


Lisa asked:

‘How much would it cost to spend the week with you?’

(In fact, I’ve been asked this a

few times….you reckon a retreat

would be a good idea?? Could you cope with a week with


So we had a really good chat

(And a gossip about life….as you do)

and basically everything I

talked about,

gave advice on and completely

INSPIRED Lisa with is the

complete BLUEPRINT to my lifestyle

and all covered in my

21 day program

and this is all available to you RIGHT AWAY!

You can join now ready to get whatever body

you imagine in your dreams.

TARAnsformers have lost up to 18lbs in

3 weeks with me…with NO restriction

on eating…so you’re not stressed out!


also, not stressed out AND you’ll know you’re doing the right

thing for your fat burning.


you’ll get me EVERYDAY

(not quite a retreat yet – ha!)

helping you make the right choices and

to be inspired (like Lisa)

to do something different and

get what you want!!

Join in go-getter!!

Keep fit & fab


P.S If you join in this month…you’ll be one of the lucky ones

to get my salted caramel choc protein bar recipe…it’s in there!!

I made some for Amy & Lisa….but I ate Lisa’s…NOMMMMM

(She’s got a nut allergy…I’m not totally mean!)

^^ There’s the link again for you ^^ xxx

  • April 10, 2015