I only lasted 6mins 4secs doing Yoga - Tara Hammett

I only lasted 6mins 4secs doing Yoga

Today was the day!!

Yes...I've been going on for about 3 years about starting Yoga ...... and not started!

I've wanted to get more flexible and enjoy the mindset side of yoga to keep my balance for so long but knew that with my lifestyle and commitments, finding a class would be tricky.

So, it's taken me 25 days to do it, but the day came.

I made myself accountable by telling everyone on my Instagram that I was going to start.
I got some recommendations and found a girl on YouTube that was doing home sessions from 10 - 30 mins long.

This seemed perfect to me as my attention span is not very long and I know I could manage 10mins...or so I thought.

My alarm was set,
The workout was ready,
My comfy clothes were on aka: PJ's
I started.

6mins and 4secs in Danny decided to wake


All good though...

We played, had brekkie and I finished the last 4 mins with Thomas the Tank engine in the back ground.

Now on the whole, it wasn't as I planned it but it was a very important and successful session


and, even though it was a bit disjointed - I LOVED IT!

I'm a little excited for my next try,

but I'll change a few things.

I'm gonna get up a bit earlier to have a better chance of doing it all.
I'm going to change out of my PJ's (Couldn't quite breathe in the downward dog)
I'm going to light a few candles to set the scene and totally get into it.

I may even do longer than 10 mins.

So my whole Yoga experience is just like so many.

You think and think and think about doing something.....but don't actually take action.
You want the results like better flexibility, more toned, weight loss...but don't put in the effort.


You take one step.

You find some motivation to take one small, simple step. Next thing - you're doing what you've been meaning to do for so long.

What could you do today to make that small step towards your goals?
Is there something you've been wanting to do for ages?

Make yourself accountable and take action.

Email me back and let me know what you'd like to do, but just haven't found the motivation yet to do it.

In my free seminar I'll be talking all about how to get motivated and STAY MOTIVATED.

You've just got to be motivated to register (first task), then come along (second task)


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