I just wanted to cry - Tara Hammett

I just wanted to cry

Last night I got chatting to 10 of the girls from the 6 week body plan.

We did a life taransformer style meeting catching up on what we'd been up to last week and what the goal was for this week.

Some girls were in need of some motivation.

The cake and coffee at the staff canteen was slipping in
Struggling to get up to do workouts
Feeling a bit out of control and needing a bit of guidance

So that's exactly what we did last night - got super motivated

Chatting with someone about your goals, struggles and successes is so powerful in helping to get back on track.

Who did you last have a little chat with about what you'd like to achieve?
When did you last write down a little plan so you knew what you were doing rather than just trying to wing it?

IT's so much easier following directions and completing tasks that have been set - even if you just write something small down on a piece of paper.

One of the girls was a newbie in the group and she's got something important coming up

Her 40th!

So, for the first time, she took photos of herself in the mirror.

As she said, she just felt like she wanted to cry.

She knew she wanted to lose weight and feel better about herself, but hid away from the mirror and kept covered up in clothes.

The photos she took gave her the drive she needed.

She ignored how she felt for long enough, she kept following bad habits and telling herself she'd start on Monday....but now it's action time.

The pounds are dropping
She's loving the new food she's eating (and everyone else is)
and she's well on the way to feeling more confident for her birthday....and beyond.

The main thing is she's made a start.
she's got some clarity and she's motivated.

Right now Kathy has all the ingredients for feeling awesome and getting her goals.

She has something to look forward to - her birthday.
She has something to move away from - those photos she took
She has support - family and over 60 girls in the support group

Last night meeting was so motivating it made me realise how much I'd missed it in my routine too.

So......here's your opportunity


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  • January 23, 2018