” I just want to get back into my clothes!” | Tara Hammett

” I just want to get back into my clothes!”

Check out Samantha,

A new Mum, completely in love with her gorgeous boy Rohan, but she just wanted to feel better in herself.

She'd gone through pregnancy, the complete change in her body and her lifestyle and whilst she loves
being a Wife and Mum....she wanted to feel like herself again.

She wanted to get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes

So instead of waiting for Christmas to come and put on a few more pounds she took action and joined in with the 6 week party plan

Now she's lost 7 inches and has got back into her pre-pregnancy clothes

"I gained knowledge to help me make better choices with my food for sure.
I've become so much better with prepping which is such a big help anyway with the baby,
but as it’s healthy it’s a bigger bonus.
Doing the 12 min HIIT workouts made me realise that I could fit them in around the baby too etc.
They’re over and done before you know it, like you say.
Overall, I gained confidence that I’d lost post baby.
I Feel back in control and enjoyed the support, that’s why I wanted to continue too.
And you’ve been so fab and helpful yourself, you’re so approachable!"

When it comes to trying something new it can be daunting

You want to try it, but what if you don't like it?
What if you don't like the food?

Thoughts like this are all about belief in yourself.

Maybe in the past you've tried diets,
lost the weight but put it back on...and done that so many times you wonder if you'll ever do it.

Maybe you've spent hundreds of pounds on soups & shakes only to be starving a few days in and giving up
(Are those products still in your cupboards somewhere?????)

Whatever plan you decide to follow the message is going to be the same....

You need to move more
You need to eat better

Yes, we know that but


What do you really want?
Why do you want it?

For Samantha she wanted to get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes
She wanted to be a healthy mum
She wanted to learn how to prepare healthier meals for the whole family
She needed to find something that she could do that wouldn't take too much time or make her feel stressed

With the 6 week plan you get ALL THIS

  • My PROVEN workouts to help you Tone Up and Feel More Confident in only 12 minutes a day...and you don't even need to leave your house.
  • My entire collection of weight loss recipes that are easy to make, fast, everyone will love them and you'll KNOW you're eating the right stuff (Because I've done all the thinking for you)
  • The best exercises to tone your arms, tighten your bum & flatten your tummy - and if you miss a day? It's fine!
  • 24/7 Support from me and the team so you never feel on your own and will feel motivated every day

We're opening the group today and starting Monday morning

Are you joining in?


^^ Click that link and you'll be in straight away with Samantha and the other girls

P.S Look out for a recipe I'll be sharing with you later

It's an amazing winter survival recipe that you throw in the slowcooker and put no effort into, but its BURSTING with flavour and so filling

Chicken Fajita Slowcooker Stew


PPS Look how gorgeous this photo is of Samantha and Rohan

Loved brining them in together and having these photos at the end of the plan.

Mammas don't often get their photo's taken with the babies as their hands are so full or they're normally taking the pics..so this was really special

Tara Hammett