Just incase.... - Tara Hammett

Just incase….

Who needs Nando’s hey?!?!
Well, sometimes it is nice to go there, but when you want to lose a bit of weight and
eat healthier, it will always be better to make your own.
Just like the Piri Piri Chicken Meal pic I’ve shown here from the detox week.

Detox girls are prepping – we start tomorrow.

They’ve watched the videos, checked out the recipes and meal plan and feeling motivated.


Something we all want!


Join in here to feel motivated too ^^^^^

Here’s a few queries I received

Q. I’m going out on one of the days, should I still join?
A. Do you think investing 6 days on change is better than 0? YES xx

Q. I’m not that organised. Do I need a juicer?
A. No….check out the recipe pic I’ve attached. It’s all real food, proper meals.

Q. Do you give a meal plan?
A. There is a meal plan and shopping list you can follow, or like most of the others you can choose all your faves from the recipes.

Hopefully see you in the team.

Kickstart that weight loss

Have a fab bank holiday



  • April 30, 2017