Just ignore everything and EAT PIZZA - Tara Hammett

Just ignore everything and EAT PIZZA

That’s the easiest thing to do.
That’s what one of the girls has been doing that decided she’s had enough and only she can help herself.
So she’s joined the Life Taransformer programme which is opening next week.

I’ve just got so confused with all the options, Slimming World and Dukan and Clean Eating and Lean in 15 and all these mixed messages, I’m just so knackered and sick of hearing it that it’s easier to ignore everything and eat a pizza instead. I’ve always been a comfort eater and turning to bad food and a glass of wine every night was my way of dealing with a long commute and stressful job, and that’s a really bad habit I’m desperate to break.

There is so much info out there:

Eat this

Avoid that

Have this in your coffee

Never have this in the evening

So overwhelming, it’s easier to do what you’ve always done and stay the same (or maybe even get worse)

But not for this lovely lady anymore.

She’s had enough of looking in the mirror and not wanting to go out because nothing fits.

What she wants more is to be able to walk into a shop and pick up something that fits and looks nice.

…and if something doesn’t fit right, it’s because it’s not her style, not because her body just won’t fit into things properly.

She doesn’t want to let a few more weeks or months go by and end up feeling fatter & sadder.

No more listening to the excuses swimming around in her head

Now is the PERFECT time for her to take action.

She’s ready and like she said, we’re 6 months away from Christmas.

6 months is plenty of time to make enough of a difference that she looks forward to wearing a nice outfit, feeling happier and more confident and ready to party with everyone.

She wants to stop feeling like she’s wasting her life being someone she’s not.

Maybe this lovely lady’s situation resonates with you and you feel enough is enough and it’s time to do what deep down, you know you should do.

Miss action taker decided to click on the application form link


and she went for it.

Along with 8 others who have said YES to joining me, she’s excited and feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

It’s time to eat real food and know exactly what is best

(and that eating out with friends is still on the agenda)

It’s time to stop stressing about going outside for a run and feeling embarrassed and feel better by staying at home and doing a quick workout which will help lose fat all over

(and nobody will ever see)

It’s time to enjoy spending more time with the people she cares about,

feel less stressed, get better sleep and start to believe in herself

…all things you can do to.

Application is open and as expected, this programme will sell out, so don’t miss this opportunity for you to change your body and lifestyle

CLICK HERE <<< to apply

What have you got to lose?

It’s time to get accountable

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  • July 13, 2017