It's Over!! - Tara Hammett

It’s Over!!


My Early Action Taker Discount finishes tonight.

So if you want to:

Avoid putting on weight over Christmas

Lose Weight Fast

Tone up (especially around your stomach)

Have 6 Meal Plans so you don’t have to think about what to eat to lose weight

Get 24/7 Support


After 8pm tonight It’s going up to £60

(which is still amazing – you deserve to spend £10 a week on yourself)

Save your money and join ASAP:


Maybe right now you’re like Teresa who posted in the Taransformer Group Yesterday:

 I’m very tempted… just scared I’ll waste my money by not doing it as I haven’t got a specific goal (holiday or the like) at the end to motivate me. I know I need to do it cos I get really down with the dark evenings and go back to old bad habits (already creeping in!) and then I’ll be really cross with myself and even more depressed…. what do I do? Help! ? xx

As I said to Teresa, she already knows the answer

…and so do you!

There are two options here.


You could think and think and think. And as the dark cold days draw in and you want to snuggle up it’s easy to give in to temptation. A little drinky here, a little choccie there and each week you could put a pound on easily.

The result of this?

Feeling miserable

Looking back in 6 weeks time WISHING you did something about it

Don’t like how you look in your outfits

Guilty that you made to decision NOT to do anything about it.

Who’s to blame?

Who’s responsible?


The moment you make to decision to take action you get that instant feeling of relief.  you get excited that you’re going to get motivated, that you’re going to get support, that you’re ACTUALLt going to do something and lose weight

The result of this?

Chuffed that you’re losing weight

Look back and think how quick the last 6 weeks have gone and how happy that you did something about it

Feel happy and more confident in your outfits

Proud of yourself that you did something for you

Now Be Honest

Which option is the best one?

#1 or #2????

I know you’ll say #2 but the CRAZY CRAZY reality is MOST people will choose #1 and do NOTHING

….then complain about how miserable they feel.

It’s completely your call, your choice, your decision.

Remember. Not making a decision is making a decision

A decision to stay the same.

Whatever excuse you have right now for thinking that little bit longer…DROP IT!

Let me remind you again….You’ve got until 8pm

Tara xx

P.S I am going to message you more today. I really want you to have this amazing 6 week programme cheaper!! 

  • November 1, 2017