It's ok to cry - it's EMOTIONAL - Tara Hammett

It’s ok to cry – it’s EMOTIONAL

This week was the final online
meeting of the Life TARAnsformer
There were tears.
It’s been an INCREDIBLE 12 weeks,
I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.
But it’s not OVER
First, we have the photoshoot to
get excited about
(Can’t wait for you to see these photos)
Then …..we all have the next part of the
journey to look forward to.
Brand new healthier, happier
more energetic lifestyles.
There was a very POWERFUL message
amongst the group.
We’ve had wonderful losses
Nia – 34lbs
Amy – 2 stone 5lbs
Gemma – 3 stone 10lbs
Rhian…has changed her mindset and
how she thinks FOREVER
We also had another important one of
dealing with the the blow of
being told a loved one has cancer.
It would be so easy to
deal with the stress by reaching for the wine,
not even considering 12 minute of exercise,
letting everything get on top
of you as you go to the BOTTOM of
the pile and run around after everyone else.
But, instead of putting on an additional stone in stress,
This EPIC TARAnsformer served herself,
put her oxygen mask on first,
stayed accountable and supported and
managed to lose weight too.
Everyone said if it wasn’t for the program,
they don’t know how they would have got through
many of life’s obstacles.
Which happens.
Everyone in the group was feeling anxious,
teary and sad that the 12 weeks was over.
When you surround yourself by like minded people,
on the same journey as you,
you create wonderful bonds and FRIENDSHIPS
and that’s certainly what we’ve
experienced over the last 12 weeks.
And of course I’ll be making sure everyone keeps going.
There’s the detox program
which kicks off Monday
^^ Join in now^^
The inner circle
I”ll be opening up registration to
the Life TARAnsformer 4
which will kick off soon.
All the girls are feeling very
proud of their achievements and
all through small SIMPLE steps
each day working on
their BODY, Relationships,
MINDSET and work/life BALANCE.
You can do that too.
Keep your health game strong
and join me for 7 days as
we detox and work towards
achieving your goals.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S We’ve even got chocolate ice-cream in this months program
P.P.S If you want to get on the top of the list for
info on the next Life TARAnsformer programme – email me back xx
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  • July 23, 2015