It's kicked RIGHT OFF! - Tara Hammett

It’s kicked RIGHT OFF!

It’s a bank holiday here in the UK

and from looking at my

Facebook newsfeed this morning…

I’m gathering there’s a few sore heads

from a bit of ‘long weekend’ partying.


Today sees the start of

two TARAnsformer programmes.

The Life TARAnsformers

are getting geared up ready for your first

LIVE online meeting and

the Team who joined up to my

21 day Weight loss challenge

are ready to take on DAY 1

We’ve already had 2 CONFESSIONS

in the groups about the

‘crap’ that they’re eaten the weekend


They are prepped

Accountable and

Motivated today

Victoria’s lemon water is out

Jemma has done her 12 mins

Linzi has posted an epic looking omelette

When you start your day feeling strong,

you kinda feel a bit PROUD of

yourself that you want to keep that ball rolling.

So what’s your Monday looking and

feeling like so far?

Will yours be a motivated one

or a miserable one where you

eat junk and feel junk?

I’ll be honest….I kinda started my Sunday

a bit junky myself yesterday.

I’d been on a hen night with

the girls and my bro

turned up with a few naughties and

a diet coke


Well…I’m normal too..

However…after a shower,


(I say what would Tara do too you know)

and next thing…

I ended up actually having a workout too.

So, my day wasn’t written off.

But maybe my difference, compared to

most people and you maybe…


I will be accountable to the groups too.

I’ve got a photoshoot for my

Fitness DVD later and I’ll be making the most of

my bank holiday too.

Now then…..the 21 day program

has started this morning.

You could STILL join in now and

set yourself up for success over the next

3 weeks with me too.

^^Click that link and hop in QUICK^^

This could mean all the difference

from ruining a perfectly good day

or the start of another week of…

“I’ll start again tomorrow”

Keep Fit & Fab
p.s The first Life TARAnsformer meeting is at 7pm tonight….I’ll share some tips with you tomorrow about what we chat about xx


  • August 31, 2015