It's Grab & Go GO GO time - Tara Hammett

It’s Grab & Go GO GO time

This is a lot later than when I would usually
send an email.
On top of my usual crazy busy life…
I have been juggling a lack of
(OMG Can you believe)
Being a Market Trader today.
I popped along to The Healthier Alternative stall
this morning in Swansea Market
to help cook some of the meals on the
The TARAnsformer WrapStars will be there along with so
many others from my cookbooks.
Today they had the
and Soups
I’m totally loving this idea as
we HAVE to live in the real world and
We don’t always prep.
There WILL be times when we get caught out,
too busy,
hungry on the go and
need something to eat whilst out of the house.
So if you’re in Swansea this is the place to be.
And if you’re not, lets all
wish and imagine a TARAnsformer Kitchen
stall in every town.
you can grab my eBooks which have
LOADS & LOADS of the recipes
you can make at home.
You can download these NOW
and get cooking or prepping this weekend.
Keep fit & fab !
Tara  xx
P.S There’s a few WrapStars HERE…including Tuna Melt…MMmmmmmm xx
  • March 11, 2016