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It’s all cookies and onesie wedgies


Let me paint a picture..


I’m sat in my kitchen,

in a tartan onesie

and the SMELL in my kitchen

is what dreams are made of!


Yes, here is the UK it’s 07:40 as I started typing

this email.

I’ve just had a Skype call with

LIfe Transformer member Sally in Australia

and I decided after the call

to make a quick batch of Chocolate Protein Cookies

from my forthcoming

Clean & Creative Chocolate eBook

to take in to work for my team today.


The sun is out, so to say I’m feeling

über motivated and energised for today is an understatement.


In fact…Sal’s closing sentence to me was something like

“Tara, how come you always manage to

get an Idea then put it on steroids”


You’ve always gotta push the boundaries!! 😉


So other than teasing you about cookies

(Check out my social media later, I’ll take pics

of my team enjoying them)


What shall I talk about today????



I had some questions from some of you so I’ll share the answers.


Catrin was making a smoothie and sent me the ingredients of what she included.

She kinda knew she added a lot of fruit in and was wondering if the quantity was too much.


When you’re making a smoothie, this is a great way of getting a load of

nutrition into one easy & yummy hit.


As a guide I would aim for 10-15% of it to be fruit. Fill the rest with

vegetables, protein, fat and water.


The more fruit you add in, the more sugar you’ll add in and if you want

optimum fat burning plus a major nutritional KAPOW you’ll be much

better off swapping fruit for veggies in your shake / smoothie.


The amazing thing about smoothies is that even if you

are a Veg-a-phobe

(I’m claiming that word – I swear

I just made it up!)

You can still get all of the benefits without

the taste.


Just disguise it with cocoa, cinnamon, flavoured protein or

a few low sugar fruits like berries.


If you want a bit of a detox a green smoothie a day will be awesome.


Or, like some, you may want to increase weight and easily

add more to your diet and these a brill in addition or in-between meals

to help you increase your energy intake for the day!


Next Question

Nia: Why do you suggest limiting nuts to 8-10?

It’s all about portion control. Nuts are a great food source. Natural, energy dense, full of healthy

fats. They are also very easy to over eat.

I’m sure you’ve popped along to the shop one day, picked up a little pack of nuts,

decided to snack on them as you know they’re good for you.

Next thing, your hand is on the last one! :-O


Oops…where did all the others go?


Then you look at the pack and work out

that the whole bag has something like 600kCals in.




Even though you may be eating clean,

you can still overeat and go over your calories on it.


And whilst healthy eating is not all about calories,

it’s about the quality of them and why they do once inside your body,

the total does still count.


So when you’re planning your meals / snacks, make sure you

consider your portions too and limit yourself to

8-10 nuts with some low sugar fruit, yoghurt or chopped veggies as an example.


This is a more light hearted question…although I’m

sure you’ll still gain some valuable advice..


Sal: Tara, how do you do a workout in your onesie…surely it’s

gonna keep riding up your butt!


Ha ha!!


So after posting my pic on Instagram and my other social media pages yesterday

i work my onesie gym kit. Many asked me where I got it from ( and my new trainers.

They’re Nike BTW). Even the presenters on the local radio station 96.4FM The Wave got

in on the convo.


That onesie is one of the most comfortable things I’ve worn in the gym

although I do have a little rule when i wear it.


I’m sure i don’t have to explain why.


But when you’re training always make sure you’re nice & comfortable.


Get a good sports bra, loose t-shirt or vest

I love leggings or shorts (tracky bottoms feel too bulky for me)

some good training socks or twin skins if you

run a lot and good fitting trainers.

(I go up a size in trainers)


Other than than anything goes, as long as you’re moving!


Ok…time to have a photoshoot

with my cookies now.


I’ll show you in my next email how they turned out.


Have an awesome day!

Keep fit & fab

Tara x

I’m hoping the Chocolate eBook will be launched the end of this week!

I know what will be on the menu this weekend!!

Earn it!! 🙂 xx


Tara Hammett