Is Work Getting In The Way Of Your Weight Loss

Is work getting in the way of your weight loss?

Recently I visited a local workplace where hundreds of people work. I was there as part of a health event helping to inspire, motivate and educate people at work.

So many spend most of their days there so it's important that wellbeing is looked after.

What I saw there was shocking....but not surprising!

There were any of us there for a few hours and there was even an area with LOADS of free fruit & drinks.


Nobody there!

There was however a super busy section.....................Hot, Fresh Pizza & Doughnuts!!

I couldn't believe it.

And that's where the problem lies. Granted some of these people may not be contemplating lifestyle change and reaching health goals but even when you are....

When it's in front of you, it's hard to resist!
I know things like this happen all over the place. From what I've seen myself as I go around businesses to what my clients tell me.

Staff rooms with biscuit barrels
Vending machines
Office tuck shops
Raffle prizes and free goodies at the end of desks
Your colleague that insists on you 'living a little'
The birthday cake you couldn't miss out on
(there can be birthdays every week!)
Canteen offers on the best smelling temptation

All sent to challenge and tempt...every day!

When faced with scenarios like this you need to strengthen your shield of willpower and stay true to your commitment and goals.

Slowly good habits will result from resisting temptation and it can be hard but with some simple steps,
you can make it easier and enjoy the feelings of turning down whats on offer.

ALWAYS take food in with you.
Preparation is key with success and to make sure you're eating the best you can you must take food in with you.
Make too much at dinner and you can easily grab your lunch in the morning. It's also cheaper. It can be soooo easy to spend £7-£10 on something for lunch each day!

When you take your own food you won't need to go to the canteen and you won't get tempted.

Get support form your colleagues
Let them know what your goal is.
The chances are there's someone else at work that wants to do the same.
You could support each other and they can help you stay on track (There are some that will do the opposite - you need to be aware of these and know they're out to sabotage!)

Stay away from the goodies
If you know where the biscuit barrel is - stay away form it.
Sit somewhere else in the staff room and enjoy your own lunch & snacks.

Write down your goals and read them regularly
When you write down your short term and long term goals this gives you clarity.

You know what you want and it helps you stay more focused on working to get it.

When you read it every day
(stick it on your fridge or make it your screensaver) you will always remind yourself of what you want and slowly over time this will manifest into your success!

Plan treats that are a million times better
Ever caved to something which in the end you massively regretted because it wasn't that nice, it tasted junk & processed and it sooooo wasn't worth it?

I've done it loads of times.

As they say , why have a cheapy burger when you can have a steak
(You know what I'm trying to get at)

It is far better to have an amazing version of something,
look forward to it and save yourself for it and feel good after than mindlessly eat something average.

Looking forward to something awesome can help you stay on track and make good choices.

Be aware of trigger times
There could be a time of day where you start to feel yourself flag and you normally reach for the treat & a coffee to give you a boost.

Be aware that this can happen and prepare for it.

Take something in that you can grab easily. Something that you enjoy and can fit easily into a balanced day.

There's loads of protein bars & energy bars you can choose from if you're not fancying fruit & nuts, which is always a good option.

There can be a long time between lunch and dinner time, so make sure you have something in between. This will stop you raiding the fridge when you get home too.

These tips can help out of work too. It all boils down to commitment, dedication and taking action.

Focus on why you want to change and this should drive you to make sure you get there.

It's not easy, but we need to look at our lifestyle, work habits and routine to discover what can be hindering our success and keeping us where we are.

I'm off to another place of work today, so if you work for Boots - come and say hello!

Tara Hammett