Is this the EASIEST way to lose 11LBS? - Tara Hammett

Is this the EASIEST way to lose 11LBS?

“20 years from now you will be
by the things that you
didn’t do than by the ones you did do”
What are you NOT doing right
now which could be helping your happiness
and health?
I reckon I know.
I KNOW you know.
You’ve just gotta do it!
How much nearer to your goals
are you RIGHT NOW
compare to 25th August?
A month ago when I would have emailed to let
you know that my September 21 day program
was just starting.
Did you think…
not gonna do it,
I’m going to try it on my own’
How much nearer are you to your goals
compared to 25th September 2014??
It’s quite depressing to
think you may possible be in EXACTLY
the same position
(or maybe worse)
because you didn’t so something for yourself.
Now I know many reading this email
are action takers.
So many have had INCREDIBLE results
Like Gemma : 52lbs lighter
Like Hazel: 3 stone lighter
Like Claire: who only joined
the 21 day programme last month and is now 11lbs lighter!
They all started by getting to know me,
reading my emails.
Then they decided to do something for themselves
and took action.
If you don’t take action you
will ALWAYS be reacting to the demands
others put on you and not reaching your goals.
You’ll continue to WASTE TIME,
even though you’ll tell everyone you haven’t got any time.
The only way you will change is if you get CLEAR
on what you want.
Get SPECIFIC on what you want and
PLAN your method of getting there.
There are many ways you can
get to your goals.
Some are longer
Some are confusing
you could put your trust in me
for 21 days and let me help you get there quicker.
Imagine waking up to
a diet which included maple syrup pancakes
and you STILL lose weight?
Imagine doing far less exercise
that you thought you did and get the
body you wanted QUICKER
I can help you do that.
You’ve just gotta help
You can do that by clicking on this link
Right NOW
We’re opening up the group again this week
and as we get nearer to the end of
the year, it’s time to TARAnsform more bodies
and lifestyles.
I’d LOVE you to be the next success story.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
Your Weekly Q&A is on its way and we’re talking
Protein Shakes
Matcha Green Tea
Should you eat before or after your workout……
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  • September 25, 2015