Imperfect? Constant Failure? - Tara Hammett

Imperfect? Constant Failure?


We’re all guilty of it.

Beating ourselves up
Too worried to do things in fear of looking stupid
Constant failure

So I’ve got three books on the go at the mo:

The NOW Habit – 10 mins in the morning

The Gifts of Imperfection – listening in the car

Bump it up – for bedtime (and I read for as long as I can
concentrate until Baby Deaks gets his night time groove on
wriggling around and then I sit staring at my bump for ages. Awwwww)

Loved the quote about the lights and the cracks in the audio book The GIfts Of Imperfection, by Brene Brown.

As Brene said:

So many of us stress and worry about making everything seem perfect
and that everything looks right…..this quote should remind us that our imperfections are not inadequacies,
they are reminders that we are all in this together, imperfectly, but together.

We all have cracks, but these little gifts of imperfection are what the light shines through.

We all stumble
Make mistakes

But they’re all part of learning, growing and experiences.

We still all get back up and try again

A lot of what Brene talks about is about shame, courage, vulnerability.

We all experience this.

What are you doing right now to try to make improvements?

Lose weight
Get fitter
Eat better
Spend more time with loved ones
Stress less.

Whenever we face times of feeling like a failure and you don’t deserve anything,
always remind yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH.

The bravest thing you can do is SHOW UP.

You will still stumble but
ask for HELP
TALK about how your’e feeling
be KIND to yourself.

I love doing my brain exercises with reading, especially now
whilst my body goes through so many changes and I often find it difficult to
understand my thoughts and feelings as my hormones change.

These days the books are my gym sessions.

One MASSIVE tip I give you today is READ.

If you don’t do it START

If you don’t know where to start ASK

As part of the 7 Day Detox Programme, reading is something
we encourage you to do.

Once you’re mindset is healthier, you become healthier.

We open the doors to the programme this weekend – joining in?

Get your body healthier and your mindset healthier in 7 days.

Start believing in yourself
Tara xx
P.S New Recipes in the programme this month including Chilli, Burgers & Meatballs
Yep – all that AND your detoxing!!
Take action on your goals now. NEVER GIVE UP!
  • October 6, 2016